15 BEst things about TWITTER


Imagine a perfect universe where on any given day you may run into swifty conversation with Dawn Richard, Gorilla Zoe, Solange Knowles, Diddy, BE Magazine, Vibe Magazine, singer Soccorro, Ryan Leslie, ABC Publicity, The Garner Circle, Think Tank Marketing, and a gang of other movers and shakers. In this world, you may get up to the minute details on Ms. Badu’s child birth. Of course this isn’t Keri Hilson’s “Perfect World”, but you can definitely find @kerilynnhilson in this universe as well. For those of you who are unaware, Facebook is dead. So is Myspace. The new craze in social networking is undoubtedly Twitter. We have to admit, it’s very addictive. And neither of us were this obsessive with other social networking sites. Why Twitter? So we asked civilians and TWEEPLES alike, what were their favorite things about the Twitter Universe, otherwise known as Twitterland. What follows below are their answers:

“Twitter in Plain English”


  1. Our favorite response was from @nyssag who told @BEMagazine “hey babe! The best thing about twitter is being able to keep up w u!!
  2. Emphasis on Communication. This is probably by far the most interactive social networking system. Why? Because you are forced to rely less on a stagnant profile of likes and dislikes, and more on an ever-changing “profile” of you. You may tweet when you’re upset after a long day. Or as you wake up on your birthday. But followers are more likely to experience different shades of one’s personality and get a glimpse of the true person.
  3. Tweet, the Twitter mascot. That bird is just FLY as da Stanky Leg! 
  4. Better Networking Opportunities. @1kimberlyjo remarks about the “instant access and response” and the “more professional convo than myspace and fb”
  5. Ease of Use. With the ability to do your tweeting from your cell phone, the convenience is top-notch. You can tweet all day, and never have to touch your PC.
  6. Stay in Touch. @Melababy622 notes that it’s easy to keep in touch. Where else can you just chat with…
  7. Celebrities. From @iamdiddy, @myfabolouslife , and @ForeverBrandy to @souljaboytellem, @RadioKilla, and @MCHammer. You can even find @BarackObama on here (though he hasn’t tweeted since his inauguration).
  8. The Art of Following. If you like someone and feel they have something to say, follow them. Are they annoying? Do they talk about boring stuff? Unfollow them. Simple as that. Besides, it’s good to know how to be a good Indian as well as a good Chief. Suggestions? Follow @TJsDJs, @SocialAddiction, @PrinceOfMedia, @snoopdogg and, of course THE BE TEAM: @BEMagazine, @BE_Style, @BEMag_PlanB, @BEMag_Bobby.
  9. Go Off-Topic. Spice things up. Sometimes the greatest revelations come to pass when one dares to change the subject. For example, @DJGRANDMAN didn’t want to discuss “BEst things about Twitter,” so he just said, “peep this old skool mix fam http://www.zshare.net/audio/57201342ed1b43ac/
  10. @JanelleMonae always has something interesting to say. Period. So does @fatbellybella.
  11. You can get your NOSEY on! Twitter has given members the capacity to simply look at what others are talking about, whether you decide to chime or not. Sometimes silence is key.
  12. TwitPic. Of course Tweeples love to BE as interactive as possible, so TwitPic allows for you to add a link directly into your tweet, which will allow you to view pictures, leave comments, and the whole nine.
  13. Dope Applications: We are in the day of the TOUCH SCREEN, and Twitter is at the forefront of the application game. From TwitterFon, & TweetDeck, all the way to TwitterBerry…Twitter has made it easier than any other network right from the palm of your hand. @1kimberlyjo loves that too.
  14. Lames get NO love. @theasiandiva knows that it’s better to just ignore the ignorance, so she loves the fact that she doesn’t HAVE to reply to anybody’s @reply if it’s not up to her standard. (not to BE confused with those that don’t respond BEcause they’re BOUGEE…UGH!!!!!)
  15. RT: It takes some a a little longer than others to understand the power of RT or ReTweet, but once you do, you BEcome a one-stop-shop for information, whether it’s yours or your Tweeps’. @themversus @BEshayBE @jawar @yahaloma and @freddyo are all prime examples of tweeps to follow if you want to get your RT game up.

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