February 1, 2011


BE Bio: Muff Mommy

February 1st 2011

Andrella Gaynor, or better known by her stage name, Muff Mommy, is a rapper/singer by the way of Detroit, Michigan! She is already making moves with her hit singles “Lipstick Diva” and “Ape Ish”.


BE Bio: Suga Shane

February 1st 2011

Suga Shane…. An up and coming rap artist from Miami, FL, is making his way in the music industry! Getting to the top is not easy, but with his persistence and dedication, you will BE hearing a lot from Suga Shane BEfore you know it!


BE Bio: Tarvoria

February 1st 2011

New to the game, Tarvoria is already proving that she BElongs! The young R&B artist from Miami, FL is taking the world by storm! With her soulful lyrics and unique look, Tarvoria is on her way to BEcoming one of Mizay Entertainment’s most captivating artists!


BE Up Next: Kebo Gotti & Frenchie

February 1st 2011

Kebo Gotti & Frenchie aren’t secrets in the game anymore. They’ve BEen grinding hard in the street creating a name for themselves & they’re both ready to show you why they’re the next to blow!


BE Up Next: Slim Dunkin & Bo Deal

February 1st 2011

Slim Dunkin & Bo Deal are two of Mizay Entertainment’s most promising rising artists. Check out what these Georgia & Chicago bred rappers have in stored…


Waka Waka Waka: Why Waka Flocka’s Crunk Music is no Joke

February 1st 2011

The single greatest day on earth may BE the day Juaquin Malphurs and Jonathan Smith collaborate on a track. That day, the universe will align and Malpurs’ alter-ego Waka Flocka Flame’s re-tooling of Lil Jon’s crunk music invention would BE complete. While Waka’s debut Flockaveli may have endured much criticism for it’s lack of substance, some calling it a step backwards for rap, others realize that Flocka’s music uses the crunk recipe to create what many – especially youth – crave in their music: rebellion.


Gucci Mane – Brick Squad’s BEast

February 1st 2011

With a grind that has propelled him from a local Atlanta rapper to one of the most recognized Southern rappers of this decade, Gucci Mane deserves everything that comes to him. As the CEO of So Icey Records, he is responsible for heavily influencing the careers of Waka Flocka, Nicki Minaj, OJ da Juiceman, and the whole 1017 Brick Squad…


Up Close & Personal w/ Cartier Kitten

February 1st 2011

Cartier Kitten is Brick Squad Monopoly’s 1st lady…find out how she nabbed that title & what happened the very 1st time she met Waka Flocka…


Meet the Mizay Producers

February 1st 2011

Mizay Entertainment houses a laundry list of the BEst producers including Big Phaze, South Side, Prince, & Lex Luger. They are responsible for some of the nations biggest hits known to date.


Mizay’s Firecrackers ONE THURD

February 1st 2011

To say that Mizay’s trio One Thurd is stupid LIVE would BE an understatement. This groups stays turnt up with uncharted amounts of energy paralleling the strong bang of a sonic boom. Young Magic, Lissa & Yung C create the dynamics of this new powerhouse group; Young Magic BEing the male rapper in the group, Lissa the female rapper, and Young C the R&B singer. This is a new formula to a “hip hop” group, but it works to the BEtterment of their craft. They’ve BEen doing this for quite some time, so they’re far from worried about taking on the feat…

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