March 28, 2011


BE Style: Fli Pelican

March 28th 2011

Are you FLI??? Fli Pelican has the remedy if you need a dose of flyness for Spring 2011. Check out the top 5 reasons why owning FLI PELICAN gear is a must!


BE Style: Kickboard Kouture

March 28th 2011

Kickboard Kouture is undeniably one of the BEst T-Shirt lines out! BE Magazine has the top 5 reasons they’ll BE keeping you cool this Spring…


Cover Story: K. Michelle – Lady Sings the Blues

March 28th 2011

If you’re wondering whether R&B songstress K.Michelle still sings the blues, the answer is a for sure yes! But if you’re expecting the same old tune, you’re in for a pleasant rude awakening. K.Michelle might BE one of the most multifaceted artists of today; she manages and maintains a livelihood of BEing a devoted mother, a sexy (not-so-single) fly chick, a JIVE recording artist, and a representative of Pain Medicine, a genre of music that’s always BEen present, but needed a deserving face BEhind-the-musical message.


Wiz Khalifa Discusses Rolling Papers…

March 28th 2011

Cameron Thomaz is on his grind! You may know him BEtter by his stage name, Wiz Khalifa, as he is certainly no stranger to the music business! The young 23 year old rapper is the prince of ROLLING UP & took some time out in Atlanta to discuss his new album Rolling Papers…


YC – Racks on Racks on Racks

March 28th 2011

“Racks on Racks on Racks”… Arguably one of the hottest lines out on the radio & in the club today. The song “Racks” was produced by Sonny Digital, & has such an infectious BEat that it’s hard to not join in the forces in grooving to the joint. Yung Chris, better known as YC, hit the scene hard with this club banger.


V. Bozeman – Who’s That Girl V.?

March 28th 2011

Raised in South Central Los Angeles by her grandmother and lately moving to Atlanta after hooking up with Babyface. V. Bozeman first took notice to her God given gift of voice through singing in choirs. Her voice is so powerful it could shift you backwards like the wind on the windiest day of the year. It’s funny how watching the video for “Till The Time” which she is featured in along side (or literally in front of) Timothy Bloom, her voice alone distracted me from the fact they did this video as she said, “In the Nude” Lol. If you want to know how it all came to life and get an inside scoop on her new Lexus campaign, then read this is an interview you don’t want to miss! Everybody’s BEen wondering exactly who “That Girl V” is…here’s your chance to EXCLUSIVELY find out…


BE Spotlight: Yo Gotti

March 28th 2011

Since when did American cities appoint royalty!? I’m not exactly sure when this started happening, but that is definitely the story of upcoming street rapper, Yo Gotti, as he carries on the title of “King Of Memphis”. With his catchy hood anthems and high quality sound, Gotti is definitely bringing the life of the street into his music. Some call him the next Young Jeezy, while others compare him to BEing the next Gucci Mane, but as honorable as it is to BE compared to a highly respected artists such as Jeezy & Gucci, I think we can definitely say that Gotti is putting his stamp on music and has earned the right to be compared to no one but himself.


Carlysia Levert: The Legacy Continues…

March 28th 2011

She came into the world as the daughter and granddaughter of Legends. She Grabbed her own spotlight and our hearts when she appeared on MTV’s hit TV show, “My Super Sweet 16. Now transitioning from Sweet 16 to Grown and sexy 21, BE magazine sits down with future legend, and multi-talented Carlysia Levert. She shares her story, her heartaches and her rise to the top. As the Legacy continues we get a chance to see the determination of a Woman who has so much to give. He Sound, Her Smile and Her Style.


Priest Soul: More Than Just a Name

March 28th 2011

Priest Soul is more than a talented singer. He earned his name ‘Priest’ from his love and passion for the church where his grandfather is Bishop, and his connection to the boys on the block where he served as a role model.“I rememBEr Jodeci, H-town, Teddy Riley & [earlier] R Kelly who filled our ears with so much emotions. I want to bring back the feeling in R&BE, When I sing…


An Interview with GooGoo – The Style BEhind Mary Mary

March 28th 2011

Here name is Thomasina Atkins. But, you can just call her what her family’s been calling her for years, GooGoo. This renaissance woman is the epitome of what her name personifies– a blessing, something of great value and importance. Hailing from the talented Atkins family (sister to and stylist of, Mary Mary), Ms GooGoo is paving the road of her journey by dropping ‘tid bits’ of fashion sense & good humor to everyone she meets.

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