2012 trends that were To Die For, and Trends That Should Just Die…

Over the past year, many trends have come across our radars as hit or miss. Many designers & cosmetic companies try reinvent a trend from their favorite era, previous collection, & many make the attempt to always push the envelope as to what is acceptable in the eyes of the consumer. This again, is a hit or miss, especially if the wrong person chooses to wear the trend because, in their head, it looks good or causes the onlookers to think more about embracing fashion. Here are a few our choices for this past year’s trends and upcoming moments that we would embrace.

1. Kanye West and A$AP Rocky are two hip-hop artist that don’t shy away from major fashion statements, but there is one trend they made popular this year that should just die. “What is this trend?” you might ask…it is the dreaded kilt; A$AP even took this trend up a notch by stepping out in a grey and white tie-dye dress! Guys let’s just keep this trend in the land of the Irish for the new-year. UNLESS, you have the skill and high fashion know how, to pull it off. This trend is not for everyone!!

2. Braids! Braids! Braids! This year ladies have taken their tresses and bundled them up in styles such as box braids, yarn braids, fish-tails etc…. the list goes on. Trendsetters such as Rihanna and Solange indulged in this trend and even Brandy went back to her roots rocking box braids in her video for “Put It Down”. It’s safe to say this trend is to-die-for!

3. Cassie made shaved heads a must-have hairstyle in 2010, and 3 years later ladies are still rocking this haircut. With this being said the shaved head is a trend that should just die in 2013. When the look first surfaced to fashionistas and trendsetters it was edgy, cool, and different…now it’s a bit predictable. I’m pretty sure Cassie sits in-front of her mirror along side her stylist and image consultants trying to figure out a way to grow out the rest of her without looking crazy. Ladies lets stop making those trips to the barber shop to do that big chop to one side of our heads and do something a little less predictable for 2013…try opting for a vibrant color this year!

If you must do the big chop this year, opt for a low-cut with a vibrant color to compliment your complexion like Ms. Eva Marcelle.

4. Ladies pucker up! Popping lip colors took 2012 by storm thanks to stylist/make-up entrepreneur Keshia Dior. Hues such as red, purple, and nude were a bit too safe for 2012 compared to eye-catching colors such as lime green, yellow, and blue! This past year trendsetters such as M.I.A, Tae Hackard, Teyana Taylor, and Trina painted their pouts with these neon colors. This trend was definitely TO DIE FOR this past year!


5. That large fro and that God awful blonde patch…. thanks Whiz Khalifa, but no thanks for this trend. Please fellas let this trend end in 2012. Allow 2013 to be “the REAL year of the Gentleman”. If you’re currently rocking this fro make an appointment with your barber immediately and get a nice low cut, your girlfriends called and said they’re tired of you breaking their combs.


<—- Let Die in 2012


To Die for






6. Say hello to the high-low trend (also known as the “fishtail”). From high-low skirts to high-low dresses to high-low shirts, you gotta love this trend! It’s nothing like being all dolled up and making an entrance into a room with your skirt floating behind you in the wind. This trend made an unforgettable entrance in 2012 and should continue to waltz through 2013. Must I say it? The high-low trend is To Die For! And you don’t have to have a million bucks to indulge in this trend; you can head to stores such as Forever 21, Express, and Macy’s to get your high-low fix!

We’ve let you know the trends that gave us life in 2012, and the ones that should remain 6 feet under in the New Year, let us know what trends you want to see more of this year?

(Feel free to comment on your favorite upcoming trend or trends that you would like to see more of…)

BY: D’Mani Devoe

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