4 reasons that I absolutely LIVE for Jhené Aiko



Who would have known that the girl formerly known as Lil Fizz’s cousin would reemerge as a grown woman and coat the game with the fire hot yet intoxicatingly smooth verses? Jhené Aiko entered the game as a young tender multiracial little west coast cutie touring and singing with the likes of B2K. Fast forward a decade or so and out of nowhere comes this lady with this hip hop infused freshness on tracks with the top artists. Her 2011 mixtape “Sailing Souls” featured the likes of Kanye West, Drake and Miquel. I am head over heels about Jhené sound for a myriad of reasons. Here are the top 4

#1 She’s GORGEOUS!

Jhené is absolutely Gorgeous, but in an unassuming natural way. One would think that in 2014 we would all BE completely demystified when we are confronted with a beautiful light complexioned beauty, but Jhené never seems to be trying serve “face” she just has an effortless uncomplicated appeal.

#2 She WRITES her own $H*T!

To me there’s nothing more an artist can do than write her own music, as the feeling a connection to the song reads as totally personal. When an artist is singing or performing from her own experiece the audience can feel the sincerity and authenticity of the work. Jhené has written the majority of her music, with the exception of a few cuts, and it has been absolutely amazing. “I think that’s what BEing an artist is about..writing your own story” “I write everyday so I think I’d eventually even write fiction.” BEing a writer I can only express how I feel about her aspirations as a writer with one word “DOPE.”

#3 Her deliciously tangible lyrics

The thing that resonates about Jhené the most are her lyrics. Her songs detail everyday feelings and reality. Themes of hurt, desperation, heartbreak, grief, love and relaxation all contribute to the realness of Jhené’s music and message. The listener gets the feeling that this is an artist who knows what everyday people go through and experience on a daily. One of my favorites from her that illustrates what I’m getting at is “HOE.”

#4 Her AWESOME collaborations

Jhené has consistently BEen given the opportunity to work with those who are hot in the game..even early in her career. Now it seems, though, that the greats are seeking her out, and I totally understand why. She has a flaming hot delivery and a sound that is more than infectious…it’s electrifying.

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