A BEtter You…by Kendria Clark


Inhale…Exhale…pseudo friends, pretentious people, barren relationships and habitual circumstances that keep you stuck. Exhale all of what symbolizes your old frame of mind. It’s no point in making resolutions all the time with an antiquated state of mind.

Regardless of your resolution, it should center on BEcoming better and greater than you’ve ever BEen. The underlying purpose of your resolution should be a desire to not remain in the same position you were in last year. It’s simple. If you have the same resolutions each year then it means you haven’t achieved anything. Now I know that seems harsh but doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the textbook definition of INSANITY. BEfore you take action against your resolutions, take mental assessment of your state of mind.

Do you still have the same fake friends who only seem to want your support to make their dreams come true but are never available to support your dreams? If you do, then I’m afraid you’re stuck. Pay attention to that BEhavior. Those same friends find it hard to be genuinely happy for you if their lives aren’t a joyous occasion. I sent out a disclaimer to make my disposition clear. “If you don’t make the EFFORT to support me, I am no longer available to you.” I don’t need them. Overly exaggerated people who don’t realize you know they aren’t the Jones’…you don’t need them. Relationships that aren’t fruitful and operate as a two-way street…you don’t need them. Trying to BE everyone’s savior and allowing those situations to leave you empty and operating off fumes while your life is stuck on same…you don’t need that!

Start by cleaning out the clutter in your life. Everyone is not going to understand and that’s ok. On this next level of your life, everyone will not go with you and that’s ok. Don’t BE afraid to make this move on a solo tip. Once you have made up in your mind that things have to be different starting with the stock you put in the people and situations around you, those that are suppose to BE there will be there. As you inhale, newness will be welcomed. The more positive energy you surround yourself with, the more you’ll BEcome focused and creative. But if you find yourself around the same people telling the same stories about the same issues, then you’re the same as them. Same old state of mind. It matters not the number of years they’ve BEen apart of your life. If it has not BEen fruitful and there hasn’t been any growth, then their season may be over. Don’t put the cart BEfore the horse. BEfore you talk about how to lose weight, make more money, eliminate debt and obtain wealth, you must change your state of mind.

Kendria L. Clark,  @KendriaClark

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