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Salli  Richardson-Whitfield is one blessed entertainer. She’s BEen fortunate enough to stand the test of time in an industry that usually chews you up & spits you right out. Her talent has landed her major roles in films like “A Low Down Dirty Shame” & “Antwon Fisher”, and on the small screen in series like “New York Undercover” “CSI: Miami”, and “Eureka” just to name a few. She’s poised with enough BEauty and grace to last her a lifetime & at the rate she’s going, that’s extactly how long she plans on staying in the game.

We recently had the chance to chat with this BEautiful actress…check out what she had to say BElow.

BE Magazine: Your career in Hollywood has BEen amazing; what’s the secret BEhind your success?

Salli: You’ve gotta BE able to move with the times & grow & change what you do. You start out young & then you’ve gotta move up and BE a doctor or an attorney or something like that.

BE: What’s BEen one of your favorite parts about your career?

Salli: I did a small film called “I Will Follow”, it’s by the same director that’s directing Selma, which also won at Sundance Film Festival. She’s the 1st black woman to win BEst director…I just really loved BEing a part of that film. And if I had to look back, old time favorites would have  to BE like  “A Low Down Dirty Shame” or something like that.

BE: You are absolutely breathtaking. Do you have any BEauty tips? 

Salli: I think that it all comes down to years and years of really watching what you eat. For me though, it really may Be my mom. I get a lot of it from her; I can’t take much of the credit, it BElongs to her.

For more information on what Salli Richardson Whitfield has coming up visit http://sallirw.com

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