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What BEcomes of the little boy from the troubled home, who right BEfore BEing placed into foster care he and his brother had the misfortune of witnessing their mother stabbing their father? Surely, only a life of crime and despair must follow such a grim history filled with violence? Can a child BE saved from such a tumultuous life; and if so, what of the savior? What man could remedy and repair such pain while, at the same time, inspiring positive growth?

The little boy in this narrative is now a grown man primed to BEcome you’re favorite Rapper’s favorite Rapper, and his savior the musical art form that served as his escape from the torment of home. This is the story of A. (A Dot). A.’s hip-hop aspiration BEgan at the early age of 6. He would record his first rhymes on a Fisher Price Microphone/Tape Player, which he carried around the neighborhood and played for anyone who would listen. A. delighted in writing songs to take to school to entertain and lighten the moods of his classmates, who could never imagine what awaited him after school.

After witnessing the brutal exchange BEtween his mom and dad, at 14, A.’s dreams of making it big in hip-hop BEgan to fade. Though he continued to write and record, it BEcame more of a hobby. It wasn’t until, 3 years later, when he and his late Uncle were driving pass the radio station, that he’d BEgin to, again, crave musical infamy. His “Unc” urged him to go into the station to “see if they will play some of your music ” which he, reluctantly, did, and to his surprise, they played his song on air. It was that day that his uncle told him that he was “the real deal” and assured him that if he BElieved in his ability he’d “make it.” To say that Unc’s BElief in his ability as an MC was the gas that reignited A.’s passion would merely scratch the surface of the of that catalytic moment. A. views rapping as a privilege that affords him the opportunity to inspire people, as Unc has done for him, to follow their dreams and live big, all while having fun and BEing free. A. use’s his talent and platform to give a voice to the voiceless, and chronicle “street stories.” A. has used his big spirit and zest for life to help him to manifest his dreams, and is teaching his audience how to do the same.

ADotWhat I personally appreciate about A.’s approach to the artistry is the way he brilliantly melds entertainment and efficacy. He has a gift for taking everyday life, with all of its complicity, breaking it down, and making it tangible for wide audience.  That’s the definition of a true lyricist, one who can take the grimness of life and transform it into something his audience and groove to and grow from.  Here is a brother that up until this point has BEen totally self-reliant. He came to notoriety by recording and promoting his own music, essentially building his own brand, and all, without having to compromise of himself. A’s approach has garnered him a loyal fan base, and a growing buzz that’s BEcoming a loud roar. A. is certainly a lyricist that’s headed to the top.

BElow check A.’s latest single “The Streets” off of his upcoming self entitled album on his label Black Magik Entertainment.

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