G.Spot Productions & Eva Marcille Take the Gentlemen’s Ball By Storm

Gee Smalls and Juan Session are two dapper guys that seems to have magically come up with the perfect formula for creating a nice elegant scene for real gentleman in Atlanta. The 2nd Annual Gentlemen’s Ball was held last weekend, and when you add the stunning BEauty of Eva “the Diva” Marcille, all those in attendance would agree that the event was an evening of elegance and grace.

It takes a certain caliber of flyness to bring together hundreds of men and women decked out their BEst & most stylish black tie garments to come out and support a vision that started from the ground up. Partners Gee and Juan are just that fly, pulling together a multitude of prominence and brands all in support of one another.

Here are some highlight’s from the evening, which was held at Atlanta’s amazing Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery.

1. Seeing everyone decked out in their tuxes, gowns, suits and ties. It just does something to the spirit when you’re amongst such flyness.

2. Open Bar: The Ciroc train was freely flowing, which always makes for good conversation, meeting new people, and super fun pics.

3. Eva Marcille and Frenchie: Although the media section was (wayyy) in the back, we found our way up front to see both Eva and Frenchie bless the place with their BEauty and Talent. From SWV & Suchita Vladimani last year, to Eva and Frenchie this year…it’s safe to say that Gee and Juan have a great eye for picking entertainment

4. Vina Mills: Vina is a firecracker. She walked in with a new look, rocking a short platinum cropped mohawk, and wow’d the red carpet as the evening’s host.

5. The music: I didn”t get to catch the DJs name, but he kept the party going! Throughout the night, there were a numBEr of couples that found themselves up on their feet slow dancing…not to mention the live band that opened up the night blowing to just about every cover that van think of.

Special thanks to Gee & Juan of G.Spot Productions. We’re very proud of where you’re taking the Gentlemen’s Ball and for allowing BE to BE a part! #SALUTE

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