A Night of Distinguished Gentlemen @ The 2nd Annual Gentlemen’s Ball 2013

Once the sun set over the frigid sky of Atlanta, the Gentlemen of the city and many from visiting metro’s all ran to their respective closets to prepare for a night of great networking & philanthropy. These men really came out in high end suiting apparel, tailored suits, and tuxedos. Not to often are you given the opportunity to come out in “black tie” and celebrate life, it’s blessings, and the many choices available to you. But this night was deemed one to go down in the books. Coming from the place of an attendee and not that of media, I give my “Birdz Eye Vue” into the night BEtter known to many and those to come as The Gentlemen’s Ball.

As I crossed the entry way to greeted by the smiling faces of BEautiful young ladies, later granted access beyond the black curtains and witnessed the amazing decor, I immediately felt as if the twilight zone opened its gates and I was about to experience a wonderful night. From the moment, I was escorted to the media room, which was near a bar (smiles), I knew that night was about to pop-off. LOL.

The creators, Juan Session & Gee Smalls really delivered a night nothing short of spectacular from an attendee’s perspective. The white table linens backed with white & gold bamboo chairs adorned with teal flowers and matching back-lighting set the mood for a great evening. The pair of them made all guest feel welcomed by taking photos, shaking hands & hugging, and participating in a myriad of interviews. As I witnessed more and more of the evenings patrons arrive on the red carpet, this gave me even more appreciation for working hard every day to BE at the head of my company and noted that many other men do just the same. We are not all football and basketball players, make we make conscience choices everyday that impact the lives of many. These young and some older professional men could not have made BE more proud as a young man in the business world.

With all that BEing said, the night just got started for me as I walked to the vendors table and Ms. Eva “the Diva” Marcille entered the building. She gracefully walked passed me in the black gown the scantily zipped down over the back of her shoulders, exposing the small of her back, and I literally, lost a beat in my breathing pattern… This lady is something FINE!!.. She arrived as the host of the event and did a wonderful job.

As the night progressed, in walks one of my favorite female performers, the blonde, the evolutionary, Ms. Vina Mills. If you don’t know her then just wait, she will BE rocking in your household, taking the radio & stages by storm, and on your playlist very soon.

Frenchie Davis arrives and hits the stage. By this time, the Ciroc is heavily pouring, the food service has begun, but nothing matters, this lady caused a disturbance. I have not BEen this entertained via live performance in a while and she delivered. American Idol who? This talent needs no validation; it’s a gift from God.

All in All, I must say, a special thanks to Juan & Gee for celebrating life and all the blessings it has to offer by allowing us to enjoy ourselves at the 2nd Annual Gentlemen’s Ball / BEnefitting AID Atlanta’s EVOLUTION Project. I truly enjoyed seeing some old friends, meeting new ones, and placing faces with facebook & twitter avatars!

G.SPOT Productions, FENUXE Magazine & Ciroc Present…

The Gentlemen’s Ball www.gentlemensballatl.com

Evolution here: www.evolutionatl.org

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