Aarron Loggins – Mr. Deaf International King

Aarron Loggins is the official Deaf King, an R&B/Pop Artist and American Sign Language Translator whose unique performances reach out to a diverse fan base. Born premature and deaf, his family didn’t discover this limitation until he was seen by a specialist at 13 months old. The Illinois native didn’t take being hard of hearing as a limitation as he managed to learn American Sign Language by the age of 3. Aarron developed a passion for music as a teenager singing in the church choir. His love for Gospel was the first step in developing an unmatched talent for performing in his own unique style.


Aarron Loggins is having upcoming events throughout this coming year. He is releasing his sixteenth American Sign Language Music Video “Studio” by Schoolboy Q and returning back on touring to complete his duty as Mister Deaf International. The final stop will ending on July 8th 2016 in Las Vegas when he retiring his title to the next Mister Deaf International. That title won’t stop him from continue his journey; he will be performing with Grammy Award winners Howard Hewitt and Regina Belle along with Deaf Welcome founder Theressa DuBois. Also, he returning to his acting and ASL performing career what he left off over six months due of his Grandfather passed away few months ago. His passion to continue to help our young people both deaf/hard of hearing to join the movement: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

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