Accessories by Rhonda Rolax

Rhonda Rolax, a mother, a wife, now entrepreneur began her professional journey as an accountant for major firms in metro Atlanta. With working long hours and being readily available for her clients, Rhonda new her current professional environment would not afford her the lifestyle necessary to be the mom she felt she needed be. While she and her husband prepared for the give birth to their blessed twins, Rhonda approached the future with a progressive frame of mind to provide a better life for her family. Having their family at the forefront of all endeavors, the couple decided that being a “stay at home mom” would be the best avenue to take. Rhonda did just that. Although, she would have her hands full with the new babes, Rhonda felt and desired more. Now she is thriving in the fashion industry.

To begin this process, Rhonda started to think about and research areas interest for persons that she came in contact with on a daily basis. In coming to the conclusion that fashion was the way to go; Rhonda found a niche in the accessories market. The ideas ringed true her as she observed the shopping habits and trends on the average woman on the street. “Everyone wears accessories,” be it high or low end, everyone completes and outfit by adorning the body with some type of accessory. Rhonda ran with her findings to offer affordable accessories to an all-inclusive demographic. She is now selling her lines of jewelry during truck shows and events, and even special order.

This eager mother turned entrepreneur has made a name for herself as the “go to” for fashionable pieces for man of the metro Atlanta’s socialites and professional women. This is just the beginning for her Accessories by Rhonda. She is currently working on a line of accessories men and handbags for the female clientele. As always, BE-Style is here to bring you the ins on the wonderful journey of persistence & passion.

Owner: Rhonda Rolax
Phone: 678-760-1513

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