Kevin Hart – BEhind-the-Scenes w/ America's Funny Man


Comedian/Actor Kevin Hart is arguably the funniest dude to crossover from the stand-up stage to the big screen since his counterparts Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock. Hart is the true meaning BEhind a small package packing a HUGE powerful punch. Every stage that Kevin Hart hits and every screen that holds this growing actor down is blessed with a unique comedic experience that only comes from those that are the BEst at their craft.

Kevin Hart is C-O-M-E-D-Y!

From the instant he walked into Allen Cooley’s Photography Studio in Decatur, Georgia, the entire BE Team was in stitches as Kevin naturally played a character that he’s BEst at, himself…or mayBE he walked in as his alter ego, the uBEr sexy “Chocolate Drop” (don’t worry…you will meet lots of Chocolate Drop in the video interview).

The name should speak for itself as a household name, but if you need a memory boost, Kevin Hart is BEst known for starring in the movies Along Came Polly, Scary Movie 3, Scary Movie 4, Paper Soldiers, and of course Soul Plane. Hart’s comedic dominance is what allows this 5’4″ actor stand above the rest on and off the set. Hart’s most recent project, Death at a Funeral hit theaters Friday, April 16th and has Hart cast amongst his own idols – legends such as Danny Glover, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Luke Wilson, Loretta Devine, Tracy Morgan, Zoe Saldana, and Regina Hall. “Get there early, I’m only in the first four scenes…” Hart jokes as he speaks about his cameo role in the film. Most adoring fans couldn’t care less if Hart was only in the intro, if K.Hart is involved, you know you’re good for at least one funny.

With everything comedy, brings something to BE serious about. Kevin Hart is extremely serious about his family (his son and daughter), even though he uses them as punch lines for his recent stand-up tour, which BE Magazine got a first glimpse of in Atlanta at Uptown Comedy Corner. Kevin jokes about the differences his kids share, but adding that comedic vantage point that only the best comedians possess, and makes you consider your own kids (or family members) going through the very same circumstances.

Along with Kevin Hart the “father,” the “actor,” the “comedian,” he’s adding to his resume and repertoire by BEing the new face of internet auction giant EBay. Imagine that…a 5’4″ male model!!! “Going to L.A. was easy BEcause I went into Chocolate Drop mode…I got a lot of offers to model out there. I did some stuff for GAP Kids, uhhhh, I did some stuff with Gymboree, and basically I used my modeling money…Huggies was the big one. I did a Huggies campaign; it’s like a diaper, cuz at the time I was small enough and my butt was small enough to pull it off…” Kevin recalls more so about his transition from Philadelphia to Los Angeles than actually modeling, but that’s the exact type of viBE K.Hart maintained throughout our entire BEhind-the-Scenes interview/photo shoot. ?

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Special thanks to The GLAM Squad for K.Hart’s shoot: Mel Hunter & Evonya Easley (Courtesy of Quan Lanae & Diva Beauty Creators) along with Photographer Allen Cooley for doing the shoot!!!

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