AIU Atlanta Emerging Designers Fashion Show

AIU is one of those institutions known for delivering some of the BEst fashion & last Friday (9/24), in Atlanta, was none the less. We were invited to see some of the hottest emerging designers that AIU has to offer in a runway fashion show that had everybody in a fashion frenzy. We were specially invited by a NWH model/friend Ryan Lee (pictured above) who definitely put on & walked it all the way out in the show.

We were presently surprised to see C.Denim’s gear on the runway! He’s featured this month in our current BE Style Issue & certainly did his thing for NWH! C.Denim’s line is so dope that we didn’t even see doubles from what he showed at our show…ladies & gentlemen, make sure you get with Denim and upgrade your gear!!! You won’t BE disappointed!

Peep the video…

5 Replies to “AIU Atlanta Emerging Designers Fashion Show”

  1. The White Puff sleeve Tuxedo shirt is an M3: House of Miskonception Design and was designed by Milton R. Aaron, not C. Denim

    Also the Blue dress at the top of the page is an Enjay Milano Design, not c.denim neither

  2. Thanks Milton.. I wasn’t aware that my piece would also be in the magazine.. However its an honor to be a part of this growing organization. And thanks Roxy (model) for wearing that blue piece with style and elegance.

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