Alexander McQueen Fall 2013

Alexander McQueen has a new sheriff in town and she is flexing her muscle. Sarah Burton was named Creative Director of Alexander McQueen in May 2010, but if you ask me, she didn’t really spread her wings until the debut of the RTW menswear collection for Fall 2013. In true McQueen fashion, the clothing is impeccably constructed with seam lines and structure that beckons envy from any couture/bespoke tailor. I think it goes without saying that the construction is immaculate.

One would think that from the opening look, fractured pinstripes appear to be a forerunner for Burton’s vision of something “new.” This may or may not be true, Sarah call me. For me however, it was her attention to detail for what I am hoping is the last hurrah for color blocking. After seeing the color blocking, my eye was caught and I was in, hook-line-and-sinker. The use of explosive red amidst pure black is nothing less than pleasurable eye candy for the bold, fashion forward man. Did I mention, there is a turtle neck? Swoons.


Moving away from the color blocking, McQueen steps into the world of “shading” with several patchwork suit variations. There is a suit for whatever level of bold you are ready to tackle. The most subtle, if you can call it that, is the grey variation. The grey tones are ethereal and I personally would not mind seeing any powerful executive sporting this suit to a board meeting. For the guy that has taken some risk, is well dressed, and ready to step it up, there is the navy variation. Now, for the guy really looking to make a statement and address the many “wows,” “you look nice,” and “where did you get that blazer” that will undoubtedly come from onlookers, there is the red variation. Which man are you?


Lastly, Alexander McQueen does prints like nobody’s business. (for his continued perspective, BE sure to support our go-to STYLE GURU, Gunner Doyle: )

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