Almost Famous Show Spring 2010

When I  was initially introduced to the name Rovella Williams, we were both working for Break Magazine & I instantly fell in love with her undying hustle for the groundbreaking underdog. As a fly freelance journalist, she had submitted a piece on former So-So Def artist Young Capone & had completely captured my attention through her obvious passion for what Capone was trying to do & the fact that she truly BElieved in what he had to offer the music game at that time. It wasn’t until a couple years later that I actually met Rovella at a BMI showcase in (Buckhead) Atlanta. I could tell by her tweets that she was really enjoying the talent that was performing; she just had a glow in her eyes when the artists hit the stage & I knew at that moment that the glow in her eye went well BEyond just enjoying the new talent at that particular showcase.

I later came to find out that Rovella Williams is the mastermind BEhind the well known Almost Famous Show, which for me was considered to BE a like showcase on six Crunk juices!!! The event was 1000% turnt up to the max , overflowing with energetic, hungry artists that are just on the edge of BEing FAMOUS!!! Along with perfoming artists, Rovella invited select media, vendors, and label exectutives to join in coming together to celebrate all around good, new, innovative music.

Through the Alomst Famous Show, Rovella Williams & Verseus Entertainment Group are changing the lives of many a southern artist, from hip hoppers with LIVE bands, to flashy & ready R&B artists that exude the famine that BEing at the peak of the industry brings.

The event was hosted by V103’s Greg Street along with BE Up Next Artist Haziq, and was shown love by all around fans of music such as Ludacris’ label execs from DTP, & a few artists that already have their foot in the game like the Shop Boyz. 

We especially LOVE Rovella BEcause she gave BE Magazine an opportunity to do something we’ve never done BEfore, which was completely go LIVE using our UstreamTV live feed. As BE Magazine rides our appropriate tide on the way to BEing ALMOST FAMOUS, we always want to let the people that are innovative enough to BElieve in the vision of our magazine know exactly how much we appreciate their support. We LOVE that Rovella embraces BE Entertained Magazine along with lots of other entities as the EVOLUTION of Entertainment.

Go ahead and enjoy our LIVE Ustream feed from the Almost Famous Show Spring 2010 & make sure you Follow Rovella Williams (@ThemVerses) on Twitter!!

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