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There are times in once’s life when you don’t understand your journey or the process in which things happen. You allow yourself to live out the dream already patterned in your mind but then there is a blessing that unfolds as you forge ahead and make every stride your BEst. This sentiment rings true with our designer feature Altrichia Cook, Allusions by A.Lekay.

The importance of education was at the forefront of her process, although she BEcame a mother at an early age, she still understood how integral it was to continue with higher learning. That zest for life and thirst for self improvement to provide a BEtter life for herself as well as her new born child, is now what propels her into a new chapter of her life. BE-Style had the opportunity to BE your “Birdz Eye Vue” into the life of the swimwear designer & her introduction into the industry – here is her perspective.


BE-Style: As a women’s wear designer, what is the fresh appeal that will draw clients to your brand?
AC: I BElieve that it is the trendy / fashionable appeal that initially draws clientele. Allusions by A.LeKay HighWaist Swimwear provides luxury, style, and freedom for all of women!

BE-Style: How are you wanting your clients / consumers to feel once they adorn their bodies in your garments?
AC: Allusions by A.LeKay aims to provide a premier experience and a sense of exclusivity as my buyers will not be an ordinary “BEach baBE’ blending in at the BEach. With that said, I have a sincere expectation that my “AllusionsBaBE” customers will always experience satisfaction, luxury, fashion, and style when wearing my garments.

BE-Style: Do you have formal training in fashion & design?
AC: No, I did not receive a conventional training within the fashion industry in the sense of a traditional classroom setting: being instructed on the official, formal required guidelines. I am learning a lot as I progress in the industry. However, I have always maintained a keen interest and love for fashion!

BE-Style: What are you favorite textiles to work with?
AC: For the fact that my brand is swimwear, I work primarily I with waterproof textiles such as tricot textiles. My optimum goal is to provide a luxury, fashionable look, but to remain within the ramifications of BEing swimwear-able, this water proof. I am looking into to designing with a spectrum of textiles which will will require them to have a protectant procedure.

BE-Style: Why did you decide to design a collection with the high waist? Was there a method to your design concept?
AC: YES! I love this question! I had my son, Anthony, at the age of 18. Throughout college, for vacation breaks, I wanted to enjoy beach trips and pool party celebrations, however, permanent scars from child bearing caused insecurity for me. I was extremely disappointed when realizing that none of the popular retail stores carried a swimsuit that would comfortable enough to leave the fitting room. I was then compelled to design my own high-waist bottom that exceeded that height of the normal. After uploading photos on my social media, I received a plethora of inquires about me swimsuit, The rest is history…. that was the birth of my own business, Allusions by A.LeKay HighWaist Swimwear.

BE-Style: Tell us, who is your client?
AC: This is BEing answered with a smile! I’m very humbled to say that Allusions by A.LeKay HighWaist Swimwear is for every woman.! I’ve even had parents purchase my swimwear, custom made for their 5 year old. My clients girls from age 2 to ladies age 50+. The concept of Allusions by A.Lekay HighWaistKinis is cater to the most fashionable ladies and women with a vintage retro look yet enjoy the luxurious end of the spectrum. My clients are those women who indulge in high fashion, luxury apparel, and for those who never like to blend in!

BE-Style: What do you hope for Allusions by A. Lekay’s to BEcome?
AC: My aspirations for Allusions by A,Lekay is to continue BEcoming known world wide. Thankfully, we have reached our reputation of an international status, shipping to countries in Europe this past summer! I look forward, at a minimum, to the expansion of having Allusions by A.Lekay HighWaist Swimwear distributed in department stores like Macy’s, Nordstom, and Neiman Marcus. I strive for success and enjoy serving as a BEacon of hope to other young girls and women.

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