Amaye – Shy Girl No More

“Where this chick came from I don’t know, but I want her album…” I said to myself when hearing her edition of, Jessie J’s, Big White Room. BE Magazine was sent 3 links for the artist and decided to click on the YouTube link. We wanted to see her talent raw (without the studio adding its magic to her voice) and that is exactly what we saw.

I said that 2010 would be a real music and real artist year and she goes on to prove me right.  From Beyonce, to Monica, to Kelly Price, to Fantasia talent is what she has and real music is what I see her doing in the future. If I had to compare her voice to anyone else’s, I would say a mix between Priscilla Renea and Christina Aguilera.

In a recent interview the Baltimore native let BE Mag know that her love for music goes way back to the church choir at the age of 1. Although she loved to sing, it was not until attending North Carolina A&T that she first began to sing publicly. Because she was to shy to sing in front of people, she began to take up dance at the age of 7. She trained in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and African. She began singing in college when a friend entered her into a contest and she won.

“I would say I have a Poppy Hip Hop style”, says Amaye’

Although her first single is not yet released, you can check her out on YouTube to hear a couple of her tracks. One track you may come across is “Addicted”.  This is a song that she released just to let the people know to be on the look out. The track’s up tempo rhythm and nice vocals, gives the people just enough (to want to hear more from the artist).

“I don’t want to get anyone in trouble”, says Amaye’

Another, song that you may come across will be, Amaye’ feat. Trey Songz, “Lets Chill”. The song is actually getting a lot of BUZZ on the NET but there is a problem. The track says featuring AMERIE when it is actually AMAYE’. No one knows how this mix-up came about but BE Mag knows how to let the readers know the truth.

“People when seeing me would never guess I’m a nut (Really Goofy)”, Amaye’

Inspired by artists like Beyonce, Monica, Toni Braxton, Ludacris, BoB, Eminem, and Lady Antebellum, BE Mag is sure Amaye’ has a bright future ahead.

To hear more from Amaye’ you can follow her twitter

Also, BE looking out for her new website where she promises to keep you updated on all her new events.

Here’s Amaye ft. Trey Songz “Let’s Chill”  

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