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Jamar Rogers

Let’s go back to Jamar, the perfectly nice, obviously gifted guy holding Danny Gokey up through every round. What was his failing? Was it his Andre 3000-style wardrobe? The precision of his vocal style, which reflected a harmony singer’s humility more than a lead’s bravado? The teardrop tattoo on his cheek? That irritating Jason Mraz-style twist he gave the Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah” at the Kodak? We’ll never know. I suspect that the producers just wanted to make the recently bereaved Gokey feel more alone without his BFF nearby, so he might wallow in both grief and survivor”s guilt, and get those ratings up. 

-LA TIMES, 2/12/2009

The promise of a new life is what is often at the core of reality television. People who sign on often feel like they can offer themselves in exchange for fame and fortune. More often than not, neither materialize but the impression that was left on those who followed your progress lasts longer than one cares to admit. Pieces of anatomy. Wadrobe choices. Personal friendships. Nothing is safe when producers will use your real-life struggles to fuel the drama on reality tv.

America was shocked when Jamar Rogers was eliminated from American Idol during “Hollywood Week,” just missing “Top 12” status. We’d enjoyed watching him and best buddy Danny Gokey during the auditions and had hopes of watching them compete together in the finale the 8th season of the hit show.

As many know, Jamar and Danny are close, but what NO ONE knows, is that Danny was THERE for Jamar when he struggled with life’s problems. Please, don’t get me wrong, Jamar is a strong and supportive friend for Danny, but they both had ‘midnight hours’ in their lives and were there for each other. Know what I mean? Jamar is happy and truly proud of Danny and has NO resentment toward Idol or Danny that he was eliminated. He feels this is a perfect time (after Idol gave him great exposure) to sing and create music his way, not the Idol way!!! So, as often as he can get to the studio to support Danny on AI, Jamar’s there.

-Danielle Rogers, Jamar’s mother, on the relationship between Jamar and Danny

So what has Jamar been up to since he was eliminated from American Idol?

Jamar soon found himself working with another eliminated Idol contestant, Frankie Jordan! They were putting the finishing touches on their new single, “Reject.” You can visit FrankRogersMustLive.com and sign up to be notified when Frankie and Jamar’s new single is finished.

Perhaps Jamar’s mother, Danielle puts it best when she considers her son’s increased recognition via his success on American Idol: “Being eliminated from Idol has truly produced many open doors for Jamar and has been a blessing in disguise. I know many viewers were disheartened and felt he was handled wrong; however, the positive and godly side that we see is [that] Idol gave him more airtime than majority of the top 36, allowing him to have a fan base in America and in other countries. So, we choose to view the glass half-full and rolling with the blessings of it all!”

For more on Jamar, visit www.myspace.com/jamarrogers or www.facebook.com/Jamar-Rogers

***In PIC at top, Former “American Idol” contestant Jamar Rogers, of Milwaukee, WI, sings to — and with — students during a surprise visit Thursday to Christian Life School. (KENOSHA NEWS PHOTO BY KEVIN POIRIER) courtesy www.kenoshanews2.com

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