…and then there was JESSIE J (Is SHE pulling a Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo)

TRUTH IS, it is meant for some people to just be lyricist or song writers but for JESSIE J, to think she is only meant to BE a song writer is BEyond INSANE. To BE quite honest when you here her sing, you’ll wonder why she has hidden BEhind the lyrics thus far. Writing for artist like Hannah Montana (Party in the USA) and Chris Brown (I Need This, Graffiti Album) has brought her great success, but with a voice like that there is way more success to where that came from.

JESSIE J caught BE Mags attention when she performed an Original, “Big White Room”, on youtube and turned heads, dropped mouths, and caused goosebumps to arouse. As a Journalist, if I dont bring you anything else, I bring you NEW MUSIC and REAL ARTIST and with a SNIPPET of one of HER SONGS you are hook’d. JESSIE is currently in the studio working on here DEBUT ALBUM with Multi Grammy Award Winning writer/producer Toby Gad. Working with Toby Gad, who is responsible for songs like Fergie Big Girls Don’t Cry, Beyonce’ If I were a Boy, and Alicia Keys Love is my Disease, I can say JESSIE J is in GOOD hands.

BE– Low you can check out a few videos of the ARTIST/VOCAL BEAST:

Someone said she is one of the Best Singers TODAY do you AGREE?

Jessie’s First Ever Youtube Video:

Trailer of “Who You Are”

New Single “Do It Like A Dude”

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