Andrea Kelly Launches Pink Kitty Cabaret

Over the weekend, renowned dancer/choreographer Andrea Kelly (former wife of R.Kelly) shut the 14th Street Playhouse down with the launch of Pink Kitty Cabaret. Anybody that’s seen Ms. Andrea perform BEfore knows she’s a true treat when she hits the stage. She moves with true elegance and completely captivates the crowd…add her dance troupe in the equation & it’s definitely a match made in heaven!

Check out the photos courtesy of EMJ STUDIOS

About The Andrea Kelly Dance Theater [AKDT]:
Andrea formed The Andrea Kelly Dance Theater I (Chicago) and AKDT II (Atlanta) which is a theatrical performing arts dance company that showcases acting, singing and a variety of dance. AKDT I is located at 4071 West 183rd Street, Country Club Hills, IL 60478.  AKDT II will be opening in Atlanta, spring of 2011. The facility will hold a variety of dance classes and each instructor will be dedicated to being fully committed to clients’ specific training and development. Empowering students through dance is very close to Andrea’s heart.  Through AKDT, Andrea is committed to bringing dance to classrooms, communities and people throughout the world.

About Le Pink Kitty Fitness Classes:
Le Pink Kitty Fitness Classes is a series of fitness dance classes that bring a new sexy twist to working out. Andrea describes the classes as women’s empowerment through movement. Class attendees will learn the art of seduction through dance while toning arms, abs, buns and thighs. This sensual, high-energy fitness regimen will render an increase sense of self-confidence and positive body image. Andrea has strategically choreographed each class to meet the needs of each client and is sure to help them discover their inner goddess.

About Pink Kitty Cabaret:
Pink Kitty Cabaret is a Burlesque dance performance similar to Stomping at The Savoy where Soul Train meets Pussycat Dolls. The show consists of beautiful women of color showcasing Vegas show girls type of dance with extraordinary wardrobe and lighting. This is a very upscale, entertaining show that no one will want to miss!

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