Anoop Desai – Reppin’ for DJ Rang

Anoop Desai’s first claim to fame came from his stint on the mega hit show American Idol. Not only did he win over the hearts of the AI judges Simon CowellPaula Abdul, Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson, he was highly favored to win the show by a numBEr of celebs including Ellen DeGeneres. Desai’s musical prowess made him a prime candidate for a platform like Idol, but his passion for music extends way BEyond reality TV. Anoop loves to write, sing, and of course has a deep respect for DJs. He engulfs music holistically, which is apparent in his debut project All Is Fair. Check out BE Mag’s candid interview with Anoop to get a feel for his passion for music and to see who rep’s as a DJ.

BE Entertained Magazine: For those that may not know you, go ahead and introduce yourself to the BE readers.

Anoop Desai: My name is Anoop Desai, I recently released an album called All Is Fair, and a single “All Is Fair (Crazy Love)”. I got my start on American Idol Season 8.

BE Mag: Congratulations on the album of course. So how’s it BEen since American Idol. I see you’ve made quite the transition into your own.

Anoop Desai: It’s BEen amazing honestly. Idol is a great platform for people like me. I didn’t win, but I took what I learned from Idol and the exposure it gave me & just hit the ground running. I crafted my own project, doing a lot of radio promo, & I’ve done lots of shows including the Mo’Nique Show and a BMI show. The BMI Showcase was my first time performing in Atlanta.

BE Mag: So let’s discuss your album. Is this your first project or did you have music put out BEfore the Idol?

Anoop Desai: This is my first solo project. I moved to L.A. after the Idol Tour, which the contestants do after every season. I started writing. Writing about my experiences, about my life, & was really fortunate enough to put together an amazing team of management, PR, you know my friends that are great writers and producers. I’m always bringing new people into the fold & stay looking for the BEst and brightest in the business. Together we’re creating this thing & it’s independent music, but it’s great music…I think. And I’m not just saying that BEcause I’m a part of it; but it feels really good to start out your career & you already have a fan base. Idol was great for me BEcause I came off it with my debut album & my single. My street team is so loyal & hardworking & smart that it makes my job easier, so everything from the writing to promotions has BEen a team effort from day one.

BE Mag: We certainly applaud all that you’re doing. I have to ask…I know you get a lot of questions about the Idol process, which I’m sure is a catch 22 for you, but how was BEing the “Wildcard”? That was an experience huh?

Anoop Desai: It was a trip. It is TV, so they’re trying to create as much drama as possible; it worked too (laughs).  With the “Wildcard” thing, normally they have the top 12, & it was BEtween me and my friend Matt to get into the 12. They announced Matt as the 12th, but then said “don’t go anywhere, you’re the 13th…” I was shocked. I was floored, but that made me want to work even harder BEcause people assumed since I was the 13th one, that I wouldn’t really get far. So that definitely motivated me. Really, whenever someone counts me down and out, that’s when I really shine, I think. I welcome people to keep putting me 13th.

BE Mag: So how does it feel to BE an American Idol first? Aren’t you the first 13th memBEr?

Anoop Desai: Yeah, it was great, but like I said, I did have to work that much harder to prove what I can do. Just to BE a part of history through American Idol was great, not only for me personally  as a musician, but you’re part of something that’s really influenced this decade in American pop culture, & that’s special. Just to sort of BE a one of a kind within that honor was really cool.

BE Mag: And you were one of Simon’s last troops, so that’s dope too.

Anoop Desai: That’s right…

BE Mag: What do you want fans to rememBEr about Anoop Desai?

Anoop Desai: Well for starters, the album is call All Is Fair, and so is the single. Please look out for it and request it on the radio. You can also go to & listen to the album BEfore you buy it. It’s a team effort that’s really really personal. I hope you get to know me by it.

BE Mag: We know you have a passion for every aspect of the music, so since you’re hitting the tour circuit, let’s talk about DJs. What do you enjoy most about DJs?

Anoop Desai: DJs bring life to a party. They can keep people on the dance floor having a good time or have people running out the door.

BE Mag: Do you have any favorite DJs and/or places to hang that the DJ goes wild?

Anoop Desai: My DJ is awesome- DJ Rang. I love the way he adds to songs and remixes without taking away from the original song that everyone wants to sing and dance along to. On rare occasions, a group of friends has been out and heard a DJ that we liked so we’d go find them the next night as well. But that’s the true test. If they play the same set two nights in a row, that’s the end of the road.

BE Mag: Thanks for such an open interview! How can the fans reach out to Anoop Dogg so they can give some feedback on how they love the album?

Anoop Desai: Of course. That’s funny that you say Anoop Dogg BEcause fans can reach out on Twitter @AnoopDoggDesai. They can also look for me on iTunes or Ping is the new thing, but search Anoop Desai, and it’s the same on Facebook.

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