Anoop Desai’s Media Dinner & Preview of Zero.0

On Monday, Anoop Desai (formerly of American Idol) hosted a media dinner at Silk Restaurant (in Midtown Atlanta) to preview songs from his newest collection of music titled Zero.0. Mega DJ/Producer DJ Trauma was also on hand since he played such a BIG part in adding to Anoop’s sound on this EP.

Select media were treated to sushi (courtesy of Silk), Pomogranite Wine (a la Tree of Life), and lots of BEautiful sounds (courtesy of Anoop Dogg). Anoop’s music has definitely grown since we first previewed his debut album ALL IS FAIR; the sound is a lot more universal and even a bit more edgy, yet fun. Anoop joked with media about where he finds his motivation for writing…mainly an ex girlfriend…or 2.

Zero.0 is set to hit Billboard this week, so make sure you’re requesting Anoop’s music & 1st single “OoWee” everywhere you can! You can always check out for updates on this project & EVERYTHING Anoop!

Special thanks to Anoop’s publicist Lillie Mae for the invite & for always throwing a #BEast of a party! U ROCK LILLZ!

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