Anthony Hamilton – Catch the Point

When it comes to an R& B artist really living the American Dream, I’m sure a lot of the younger, new-aged artists come to mind. But there is a few artists that aren’t concerned with looking the part, nor conforming to the industry norms that it takes for most to see in hopes of longevity.

Can you imagine it? An artist that actually can rely on skills and talent rather than the oblivion that makes most artists sell records. Well one name comes to mind when I think of filing those shoes…Anthony Hamilton

Hamilton seems to bring his North Carolina southern funk to any track that he blesses, whether it’s him vocally laying the track, or just carrying the production side.  Charlotte, NC is where Hamilton calls home, but it took him moving to the BIG Apple before his true talents would be discovered; which is all it took for this small town country singer. Hamilton was scooped up by Mr. Andre Harrell, and signed with Uptown Records, which was well before he contributed to songs like Nappy Rootz’ “Po Folks”, and dropping his own classics like, “Coming from Where I’m From”, and “Charlene”. From your first taste of Hamilton’s husky, raspy, yet soothingly mature voice, most folks are left wondering “what school is he from?”

His melodic voice has been compared to old school legends, such as Curtis Mayfield and Bobby Womack; but one can’t help but feel the complete emergence of new school based upon the content and perfection put behind his craft. Artists often times find themselves having to come up with ways to recreate the bar merely to seek out the substance behind the music, but when you get an artist like Anthony Hamilton, the point quickly becomes evident after you push play on the ipod.

So Catch the Point… 


The Point of it All is Hamilton’s sixth studio album and portrays an even deeper side to this sultry singer. When the talent is pure, artists generally aren’t overlooked and slept on, and Hamilton is basking in that statement right now. The album is continuing to rise on the charts, and he has created a buzz that most didn’t think was possible after dropping his 1st album. Check out what the media world is saying about Hamilton & his latest project…

“The Point of It All’s harder-edged ”Fallin’ in Love” and ”Prayin’ for You (Superman)” are the kind of stylistic change-ups he should consider throwing more often.” – Entertainment (Link

“The joyful arrangement in The Point of It All enhances Hamilton’s storytelling abilities, serving as a lovely mixer to his lyrical depth and sensual, rich voice. All the tools were present and properly used to create this masterpiece.” – (Link)

In the songs he writes with his producers, Mr. Hamilton sings in long lines and storytelling crescendos rather than hip-hop sound bites. He uses all the grain, ache and fervor in his voice to admit sins and beg for forgiveness in songs like “Please Stay” and “Fine Again.” In “Soul’s on Fire,” a confession of pure despair, he moans, “Gonna take trials to be delivered.” – New York (Link)

The honest fact is, Hamilton is always been an artist that Can actually grow on you, so take the time, go and cop the album, and make sure you Catch the Point!!!

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