Antonia “Toya” Carter: Coming Into Her Own

Antonia “Toya” Carter or just simply, Toya is living proof that anything is possible.  Many know her as the ex-wife to one of the hottest rappers in the game, Lil Wayne. The young vibrant 27 year old woman is from the streets of New Orleans, LA. & despite having a difficult childhood with a drug addict mother, having a baby at 15, and a failed marriage, Toya has proven that with determination, inspiration, and BElieving in yourself, you can overcome anything.

Toya was seen here and there in pictures with Lil Wayne along with there daughter Reginae, so most critics always associate & credit her fame to Weezy; however, Toya launched out on her own in a reality show along side multi-platinum recording artist, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle of the group, Xscape, entitled, “Tiny and Toya” & first BEgan her jorney into showing the world that everything she’s got is due to her own passion and persistence. The show aired on BET in June of 2009 and was a major hit, lasting two seasons & breaking records for the network.  The show focused on the two women as they overcame different obstacles in their day to day lives. During the show, Toya was seen expressing love for fashion, which she later made into a reality by opening up her own clothing boutique in New Orleans called Garb Boutique.

Wit the success of “Tiny and Toya”, Toya has gone on to form her own reality show, “Toya: A Family Affair”.  The show premiered on BET [as well] on Tuesday, April 19th.   In her show, Toya is focused on her family as they go through life’s problems and challenges, such as any family, but with an eclectic, “Nola”, dramatic twist.

Toya’s not done! With a hit reality show under her BElt, another one in launch now, and a boutique filled with the latest fashions, you would think she’s done it all! Not!  Toya has gone on to write a book, which was also featured in the making on “Tiny and Toya”. Well the book, “Priceless Inspirations” is complete and on shelves! The book is about Toya and her life growing up. She shares her thoughts, some encouragement and helpful advice for your girls all over! “Priceless Inspirations” has BEen very well received on Twitter & at various signings across the US.

Toya has proven that she won’t BE stopped! She can’t BE stopped & she will not stop!


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