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The legends that paved the way for many us, acknowledge a new comer that changes the way an audience my view current or traditional methods as – a new breed, an innovator, a radical, a trendsetter. In fashion, this group or person is determined by the influence one brings to an industry and inflicts a new way of thinking about what items they choose to purchase or collect. For so long, designers have mimicked each other or made subtle changes to trends that there is very little need to shop statement pieces in the accessories market. As many of you BE-Style readers know, we love to keep our radars warm and scoping for the innovators in fashion and those that set the trends. And Yes, we’ve done it again.

I had the amazing opportunity to converse with designer, a true innovator, and creative genius, Corey Woods. Corey, in the every bit of the term, is a ‘multidimensional artist’ that is changing the face of fashionatos and fashionistas across the globe. As the creative force behind YEROC, Corey has introduced a new scheme to the way the fashion conscious thinks about their eyewear and personal accessories. As avid eyewear buyer and one that love accessories, I find it not only refreshing but exhilarating when learning more about YEROC accessories.


Corey Woods is the modern day Renaissance man. Being a natural born creator, Corey has utilized his talents to create a plethora of multimedia, art, and entertainment outlets. Corey is the CEO of several of his own companies, a creative director, designer, vocalist, dancer, writer, artist, and philanthropist.

“I have always been a creator. From my inception into this world, I revolved around my own creative core. The core is comprised of an eclectic, artistic, imaginative, and productive nucleus that spawns original output. So my inspiration to design and create comes forth from an internal deep-leveled well of virtuosity.”- Corey Woods

BE-Style: What influenced your decision to create YEROC?

CW: YEROC represents absolute self-authenticity from every angle. To be authentic, is to genuinely be you in every matter in every angle in every way. When you are authentic, you juxtapose mediocrity because you choose to only be who you are and no one else. Because you have selected to exist as your natural original self, you become an icon. Hence, YEROC’s theme: “Standing Out is A Natural Consequence of being an icon.”
Moreover, YEROC embodies individualism and a psychological rebellion against the conformist pressures of society to be someone lesser than your potential. Even when someone tries to rearrange your natural physical or behavioral composition, they cannot rearrange the mental composition of your thoughts. They cannot break that mirror inside that reflects who you truly are; it’s just a matter of whether you look at that mirror. When I look at YEROC I see the outward reverse reflection of what society sees: an absolute authentic version of myself. When I look into my mirror I see COREY; when society looks into my reflection they see YEROC. If they try to reverse my reflection in their mirror, they will see COREY. When you are yourself, you are an absolute fixed and formidable entity that cannot be altered into something that you are not.

BE-Style: You take such pride in your description of each piece, how do you decide which medium or precious materials to use when creating a frame?

CW: Thank You! YEROC is physical poetry and will be expressed as such. I sketch and design the pieces as well as see to their full execution. I select the materials and test their effectiveness in the YEROC lab. I oversee the manufacturing process to ensure that my pieces are brought to the exact physical state that I envisioned. I select the best materials from around the globe. So if that means that I have to extract many different materials from a plethora of countries than I will. In fact, in the upcoming new YEROC collection there are pieces that have been made in Italy, Australia, France, Tokyo, and the U.S.A.

BE-Style: How does YEROC fill a niche market in the eyewear industry?

CW: Fashion should hold power; that power is maximized by the wearer of the brand. Each piece of YEROC eyewear is constructed using a marvelous mesh of luxe materials, optical brilliancy, and unique properties indicative of only YEROC.

What makes YEROC eyewear unique is that the frames “are more than the eye can see.” Each YEROC pair has a unique attribute and serves as a powerful symbol of the brand. Notably, a small number of each pair exists in the world, dubbing the pairs rare and treasurable. In terms of the physicality of the pieces, they are a mesh of insightful design, supreme quality, and stark exoticism.

BE-Style: Where do you find inspiration when creating YEROC pieces?

CW: My inspiration is unstable. There is not a primary source; it is more like a honey bee that likes to travel from exotic flower to piping tulip to secluded rose and extract and experience the essence of that particular pollen. I have eclectic taste buds, and blatantly discard anything that does not satisfy them.

BE-Style: The other YEROC accessories also have such exquisite attention detail, what does your full line consist of?

CW: The YEROC accessory collection was a special limited edition collection that sold out within its first weeks. The collection was composed of charms and mirrors to link and reflect the future upcoming collection of YEROC: “The Magician’s Collection- now you see me, now you don’t.”

The full line? Now that is a massive “secret” that will be unveiled this year! I promise that you will get the exclusive.

BE-Style: What major retailers can we find YEROC eyewear and accessories?

CW: I had a major contract with the largest sunglass store chain in the world and everything has sold out. I have decided that I would primarily sell independently. I’m currently looking at a deal with Bergdorf Goodman.

BE-Style: Describe your new CLONE COLLECTION:

CW: The CLONE COLLECTION explores the transformation of the individual through the division of his mind. It is a riveting 20 piece collection that showcases and stretches the multiplicity of the human and superhuman personality.

BE-Style: I see lots of celebs are sited in a pair YEROC frames, who would you love to see in YEROCKING creations?

CW: I would love to see Anna Wintour in a pair of YEROC frames and shades.

BE-Style: What can we expect to see from Corey Woods in the near future?

CW: Two words. YEROC NATION.

BE-Style: A final thought that you would love to share

CW: My number one principle in life is the same principle that I’ve woven into the infrastructure of YEROC: “To be you, be true.” By being authentic you cannot fail because no one exists exactly in the form of you.

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