Ashthon Jones – Above Adversity [and to American Idol]

BEfore her current rise to stardom as an American Idol, BE Magazine’s Jason Dinsmore sat down with then-BE Up Next artist Ashthon Jones as she was building her career into what it is today. Check out this interview from our archives originally published May 18, 2009. She was doing big things then, but look where she is today! Congrats to Ashthon!

Overcoming adversity generally makes you stronger, but what happens when it looks like all possible odds are against you? Some fold at the thought of having to BE an initiator or trailblaze a new path, but for 21 year old pop singer Ashthon Jones, folding was never a possibility, although the odds never seemed promising from day one.

Nashville, Tennessee isn’t exactly the picture perfect platform for a up and coming Pop/R&B sensation, but when you’re dealt a bad hand, all you know is playing with cards as they are dealt, and Ashthon has certainly done her part to BE unaffected by the platform itself, but to jump ship from the given platform all together to create her very own lane. Being cute and unique definitely has it’s perks too, but when you’re in a situation where you have to TAKE what’s rightfully yours, you pull all strings simultaneously to show your full worth.

Ashthon’s claim to fame is just as unique and one of a kind as her God-given name. It isn’t one you typically see on a female, but then again, name one R&B singer that comes from “Cashville.” It’s evident that the name Ashthon isn’t the only means that sets this new face aside from her aspiring counterparts, which one could confuse easily with BEing far and few.

Ashthon Jones is originally from Valdosta, GA, but has BEen living in Nashville for quite some time. She’s a up and coming Singer/Songwriter in Nashville, and she sat down with BE Magazine to give us the EXCLUSIVE on how she’s BEen grinding to make her career pop!

BE Magazine: First of all, congratulations of your musical success! How’s it all feel?

Ashthon: It’s a blessing! This is the 1st time they’ve signed a African American female to a publishing deal in Nashville, on Music World. So we’re kind of making history and it’s cool to be in the midst of that.

BE Mag: Explain what you’re doing with the music…

Ashthon: Well, I am 21 so I love to dance…I grew up listening to Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, you know, Destiny’s Child. I just love for people to feel good when they listen to my music, so obviously everything that I write has like a dance feel, and a make you feel good feel to it. I’m trying to venture off into the soul a little more & get that in too as well.

BE Mag: Coming from Nashville & not directly having influences in front of you, how does it feel to be one of those 1st to BE doing it?

Ashthon: Oh man, it’s crazy because I need all the help I can get, and I still look back at other artists that were in the game well BEfore me & I look back & I just want to BE a good role model, so that a lot of singer can come up after me. It’s so hard for us here in Nashville…it’s mainly country music and rock, & rock is just now starting to pick up, so I just want them to know that you can do it! Make sure you’re at the right place at the right time & get networking with the right people.

BE Mag: How does it feel to wear both shoes…singer & songwriter. Is there a preference BEtween either shoe?

Ashthon: Um, what had happened was… [as she giggles ever so cutely] …I was a singer 1st, singing gospel at the church. I didn’t ever think that I would Be a singer or a songwriter, or anything like that, but when I got with my label, they told me that I was a definite songwriter; I just tried it, and it was a hidden gift that I didn’t know I had. I actually sat down with a pen and paper & it all just came to BE.

BE Mag: So how long have you BEen singing?

Ashthon: All of my life, since I can remember. I grew up in church. When I was 13 or 14, I left the church, but still kept with singing.

BE Magazine: When people see your name on the bill, are they taken back when you hit the stage? Ashthon isn’t really your typical name for a lady.

Ashthon: Yeah…people say “oh, that’s a cool name” or they usually spell it in the traditional way. My mom was watching a soap opera when she was having me & she named me after somebody on the soap. She always said she knew I’d BE unique and special, hence the name Ashthon Amir Sade. Yup, I have two middle names. I actually hated my name growing up, but now I love it because it’s unique and it fits me.

BE Magazine: So when it comes to your project & music, where do you want to go?

Ashthon: I just finished an EP that has 6 songs on it. I’m kind of just giving everybody my style & you know, letting them know the different kinds of music that I can do. Of course it has some R&B on there, you know pop. Just letting them know who I am musically. We’re actually finishing the second 1/2 of the EP as we speak. Talking to y’all & about to go record. The 2nd 1/2 is really going to bring it all together. The 1st 1/2 is kind of all over the place, but the 2nd part brings it all together. So we kind of have a mixture of music. It should BE out in a couple of months & I’m so excited about it. I’m looking to get a feature; I don’t know who I want yet, but it’s going to BE big! I have a new a new single coming out called “Bank Real Fat”. It’s really going crazy right now, all the DJs are loving it, they’re requesting it on the radio in all the southern states & we know the north will pick up on it too!

BE Magazine: Well we are so proud of you & what you’re going to bring to a new table! For the fans that want to get at you, how can we do so?

Ashthon: You can go to (make sure you spell it A-S-H-T-H-O-N), and of course you can hear all u music on myspace. Please follow me on Twitter, I just joined @Ashthon, so follow me there. You can also go to JonesAshthon on Facebook. I also want to shout out Cashville for all of the love and support they’ve shown! It’s a hot website out here called SoCashville, and it’s really just promoting all of the hip hop and R&B that we have here in Nashville, which isn’t much R&B…it’s kind of just me for the females & a few other males. So shout out to

Get ready this young spark to take flight in the music game! She’s already a trendsetter in her neck of the woods and she’s ready to rise above all adversity to show the world that there’s more to Nashville than country music. She’s ready to hold the entire R&B game down with no complaints or look backs.

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