Asia Diamond: That one “YES” was worth the wait.


When it comes to dreams and dreamers in the entertainment industry, including aspiring musicians, vocalists, journalists, actors, producers, and dancers (to name a few), it’s probably safest to say one walks by faith for sure and not by site…as the old folk use to say. One never knows if that big break will come or not, however, one does know, although not easy, if they want the chance for it to happen one must eat, sleep, and breathe that aspiration.

At a young age, New York native, Asia Diamond fell in love with dance as a art form and the freedom it gave her, but it wasn’t until the age of 18 after BEing told, “she had a great talent” and asked by Alvin Ailey dance instructor Robin Dunn, “was dance what she wanted to do in life”, that she decided to take a serious route and actually turn her passion for dance into a career. From that day on that instructor pushed her and trained her to BE able to do what she needed to in order to accomplish her dream.

Although having performed with the likes of Lloyd, Busta Rhymes, Lil Mama, Ray Lavender, and Shop Boys,  Asia admits that when she got the call from Bloc South Agency for a lead dance role in the Warner Bros. movie A Cinderella Story, for ABC Family, that let her know that her hard work was not going unnoticed, prayers were BEing heard, and her time had come.

“[When I got the call] I was expecting the worst BEcause it seemed as though all I had BEen receiving was bad news after bad news. So when hearing the phone ring, and seeing Bloc South on the Caller ID, I wasn’t expecting to hear Cindy say ‘Asia Diamond are you sitting down right now; congratulations you have booked your first movie.’ I immediately started screaming and crying. I called my mother and she was like ‘Oh my God, what’s wrong with you Asia, and I screamed I BOOKED MY FIRST MOVIE and I don’t know what to do!”

Although excited about the major accomplishment of getting a lead role in A Cinderella Story,  Asia understands that it does not stop there. In fact, the Jazz, Ballet, Point, West African, Hip Hop, and Tap trained dancer knows that this is still only the BEginning, for the BEst is yet to come. Many doors were opened BEcause of the opportunity and she is going to walk through them all.

 Artist advice to aspiring artists: Asia Diamond tells BE Magazine that just like her she knows there are many boys and girls as well as men and women out there trying to accomplish their dreams and all she can tell them is, it is not always easy, but the key is to NOT GIVE UP. She explained to BE that it had BEen many nights that she just wanted to give up and throw in the towel, but her mother, dance instructors, and loved ones wouldn’t let her. Sometimes in this industry you may just end up staying in hotels, sleeping in cars, and not knowing how and where that next meal is going to come from, but when you’re as passionate about your craft like Asia, you somehow find a way to get to auditions and stop at no boundaries to make that dream happen.

“You will hear 100 no(s) BEfore you hear that yes, but I guarantee you that that one YES is worth the wait…mine was.”

-Asia Diamond

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