Atlanta’s Fashion Scene [VIDEO]

Atlanta has quickly emerged and is taking no names on the way to the top of the music (Ludacris, TI, The-Dream, Lil Jon, etc) movie scenes (Tyler Perry). This almost seemed inevitable, but an area that Atlanta’s starting to blindside lots of staring eyes is in the fashion department. Big cities like New York and L.A. are infamous for fashion, housing some of the largest fashion houses known to man, but when it comes to Atlanta’s growing fashion scene, you definitely don’t want to slip up and blink, or you just might miss what’s new and HAUTE!

Designers like Mychael Knight and Reco Chapple initially put Atlanta on the map and got people watching as they ripped reality tv a new one; and now there’s a new set of designers that are putting on for their city & showing the rest of the world that ATL is quite fashion forward.

BE Entertained Magazine is spotlighting the talents of Fli Pelican, C.Denim, The Emjha Collection, La Bella Vie Boutique, and All Thingz Fabulous Boutique (along with Nikera Clothing out of Florida). These were the designers that showcased their talents in No Wire Hangers! Fashion Show & BEnefit, which received rave reviews from everyone in attendance.

Check out our VIDEO of the ATL Designers & Models giving us their definition of STYLE!!!

To see what the designers had to offer in No Wire Hangers! Fashion Show, visit

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  1. Great Job Morris,
    I love the montage.. And I must agree that fashion is what we make it but STYLE is who you are… BE-STYLE mantra is: “Born with Style, Embraces Fashion”

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