ATTACK THE BLOCK is Ready to Invade Theaters Near You…

I got the chance to attend a screening for a movie that was unBElievably hilarious! ATTACK THE BLOCK doesn’t leave much to the imagination from the title, but when you mix kids from the slums projects of London with crazy, BEastly, glowing, furious creator “thingies”, you wouldn’t normally think you’d end up laughing like you’re watching a comedy, but just wait to you peep this movie. It was funny, serious, crazy, and action packed all at the same time.

ATTACK THE BLOCK follows a gang of tough kids as they battle it out with the BEast creatures to save their entire hood from savagely BEing destroyed. I honestly wasn’t ready for all of the action that the movie had, which is probably why it’s the winner of the Midnight Screening Audience Award & the official selection of the SXSW 2011 Film Festival.

ATTACK THE BLOCK will BE invading theaters near you very soon…so make sure you’re following the official ATB Twitter @ATBMOVIE so you don’t miss out! I promise you you’re going to crack up & BE very intrigued!!!

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