Drake – The Best We Ever Had?

Rapper/Singer DrakeAubrey “Drake” Graham is the hottest name in hip-hop right now. Why? Because Lil’ Wayne said so! Well, that isn’t the reason all by itself but it does help. Drake’s affiliation with Weezy’s Young Money label a year ago seems to have cemented his rise to stardom. That, along with two smash hits, “Best I Ever Had” (featuring Drake rapping the verses and singing the chorus) and his feature right behind rap’s current king on “Every Girl.”

The New York Times wrote, “If there was a time in hip-hop before Drake, it’s tough to remember…before this Toronto rapper has even signed a recording contract. A savior was being built, one blog post at a time.” The blog they speak of is Drake’s personal website http://www.octobersveryown.blogspot.com/ where he has used a Soulja Boy-esque formula of using the net to relate to fans during his growing processes as an artist.

If you recognize the name Aubrey Graham from anywhere, it is probably because you watch(ed) “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” where he played Jimmy Brooks, a hoopster-turned-wheelchair bound teen “injured” in a Columbine-like shooting at the fictional Degrassi High School for seven seasons. But Drake, a high school dropout born to a Jewish mother from Canada and African-American Memphis man, decided to invest his earnings from acting into what was a fledgling music career. In 2006, he commissioned mixtape MC DJ Smallz, and they put together his first collection Room For Improvement. The following year he dropped the independently released mixtape Comeback Season featuring the single “Replacement Girl” featuring Trey Songz. A video was even made for the single – personally financed by Drake – that garnered mainstream attention, but not enough. (NOTE: I am always super-impressed with artists that take it upon themselves and finance their own music videos. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, then why should management or a label?)

After Weezy took the helm of mentorship in Drake’s life, his lyricism appears to have improved tenfold. Finally, earlier this year (February) he dropped So Far Gone via his blog – the completion of what could be considered his trilogy towards triumph. And the rest is history. This is where the two aforementioned smashes can be found.

He told Vibe Magazine last December, “I’m an actor. I’m not a thug who decided to be in a movie and play himself. I’m not reppin’ a ’hood, I’m not claiming a set, no street shit. I try and keep my lyrics triumphant.” Drake seems to have never allowed the allure of success to force him to be someone he is not. In fact, he is noted for saying he has to overcome the “three strikes” against him – being Canadian, being light-skinned, and being an actor.

And as if his buzz couldn’t get any louder, they have. Rumors have abounded about his relationship with Rihanna after Page 6 reported the pair were spotted kissing at a Manhattan night spot. He is reportedly now in London with her working on her next album.

Drake’s now infamous date in New York City at SOB’s is the stuff of legend. The presence of Bun B, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Ryan Leslie, DJ Green Lantern, The Alchemist, MC Lyte, BET’s Stephen Hill, Warner Music Group CEO Lyor Cohen and Warner Music Group COO Julie Greenwald at his crammed New York show May 26th just to get a taste of this hot young talent.

“It’s just one of those moments in time, where the right person comes with the right music to the people,” Bun B explains. “Everything is working in his favor. He’s obviously very talented, I don’t think anyone can dispute that.”

The sold-out performance was Drake’s last stop before he entered the studio for his debut, Thank Me Later, which he started working on June 1st, according to Billboard.com. Time is the only visionary that can tell us whether Drake is a flash in the pan or a star here to shine his light on a stale hip-hop world. BE Magazine congratulates Drake and welcomes what may be hip-hop’s first legit rapper/singer to the game.



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