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Speaker and Author Latisha Robb, a disruptive spiritualist who affectionately goes by, “ReBEl Robb”  turned heads and pages with her first novel, Turn on the Lights (So You Can See) and she’s back with her second release, What You Don’t Know About Your Soul (Balboa Press) that tackles urban legends and challenges urban Christian views such as reincarnation, karma and purpose. She’s kicking off her much anticipated tour with an appearance at Art Basel in Miami as a keynote speaker and will host a series of book signings in Atlanta BEginning on Saturday, Dec. 12 from 2-4 at The Open Mind Center, where she’ll BE joined by a panel of ‘soul coaching’ experts including Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor and Mental Health and Wellness Consultant  Char Edwards, Celebrity Stylist, Author and Life Coach, Erica Strong, who’ll be debuting her new book, Love Strong, Stand Strong, Finish Strong and Dr. Nathaniel Johnson, a cosmetic surgeon and Elder at Changing a Generation Church led by Bishop Paul Morton. The panel is designed to explore the ‘what ifs’ of the spirit, soul, mind/body connection from various perspectives.

For her freshman release, Robb intrigued readers by “keeping it real”; discussing her life in a manner that the reader could relate to. Her new book does the same thing, but encourages readers to go a step further in understanding and living life with purpose and meaning. What You Don’t Know About Your Soul is a more spiritual release than Turn On The Lights. Within its pages, Robb challenges her audience to go deeper than the surface and really dig deep into their spiritual selves.

If Turn On The Lights was a juicy page turner, centered around the touching and yes, even juicy parts of Robb that made up her life, What You Don’t Know About Your Soul is the exhilarating follow-up that picks up her readers where she left off; giving her readers a deeper understanding of themselves and even the world. Robb does not shy away from the subject matter that she feels her fans need to explore to grow and develop in their lives, such as metaphysics, karma and universal laws. Yes, these are topics that writers of her genre with her audience have strayed away from in the past, but Robb is not afraid to take her readers there. She is excited to not only open their minds, but to also open the floor for discussion about such topics, which are often avoided in the urban Christian community. The groundbreaker that she is, Robb is not afraid to start the conversation, and is glad to show her audience an alternative way of thinking.

“We have all BEen plugged into the matrix for an extremely long time,” explains Robb, “and at least we know now that we have a choice.”

Such wisdom is welcomed by readers from such a remarkable woman, whose history has shown that she is a survivor- a real life example of taking nothing and turning it into exceeding, abundantly above all that she could ask, think, or imagine. In 2007, Robb arrived in The Peach State with four kids and no money. Through hard work and dedication, she went into real estate and soon after was acknowledged for making multi-million dollar sales.  Today, as a conscious literary mind in the community, her opinions and philosophies have BEen called upon in evaluating and understanding the current #BlackLivesMatter movement. Having no problem with shaking up the status quo and making social change through her viewpoints and literature, it is no wonder that she has BEcome known in the community as a “ReBEl with a Cause”.


For more information on Latisha Robb and her new book What You Don’t Know About Your Soul, visit LatishaRobb.com. To attend book signings or to schedule a book event in your area, RSVP topublicity@tmorrison.com.



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