Autumn 2012: Sexy Menswear by D’Mani Devoe

Men’s Fall Trend Report:

Leather is becoming more than just a fabric for men to place around their waist to keep their pants up, but it’s become this season’s biggest trend in men’s fashion. From leather pants, to leather suits, this edgy fabric is taking over the closets of distinguished males everywhere. Leather hasn’t always been seen as the most macho fabric when it comes to men’s fashion, but this season it can be seen worn by males on the runways of Paris to hard-core rap artist such as Kanye West and Meek Mill. This trend is definitely sleek, sexy, and cool and can be worn casually when you’re hangin’ with your boys or you can pull off a “modern gentleman” look by wearing a leather accented suit .If you want to explore this trend and play it safe, you definitely don’t have to go all out and wear a complete leather suit, you can explore this trend by rocking a leather letterman jacket, or you can be simple and chic by rocking a plain t-shirt with a leather pocket. You can get your leather fix for affordable prices at and

Kanye West takes a break from his “Christian Dior Denim Flow” and rocks his leather pants with a t-shirt and black monochrome sports jacket.

If you’re looking for the perfect touch to add to your lavish leather apparel look no further!

Pocket squares have become way too predictable in men’s fashion, switch things up a little and place your leather gloves in the pocket of your pea coat or blazer. This adds a cool dimension between fabrics to your outfit, and it’s extremely convenient. Your gloves don’t just have to warm your hands during those brutally cold winters, but they can also serve as a great

A watch can separate the boys from the men! Fellas, toss out those G-Shocks and be about your business by sporting Dolce & Gabbana’s leather watch this fall. The cherry wine colored leather against the gold rim around the watch catches the eye and adds color to your ensemble without being too loud. This sophisticated accessory can also add a distinguished flare to you ensemble with out saying “I need to check the time in case I miss my curfew.”

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  1. Leather epitomizes grace and grandeur in every form. It is an essential aspect of menswear and looks excellent whenever teamed up with the right outfit. It is convenient to wear and adds an element of elegance in everything you wear.

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