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When you think of the phrase “dynamic duo,” you normally envision superheroes in an action flick. We are proud to give you a new frame of reference, the SACHIKA Twins. To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika are two of fashion’s newest forces providing body conscious, innovative, and fresh designs to their illustrious list of clientele.

Born to a family of successful artist, the SACHIKA Twins knew they would, one day, somehow, be contributing to the design industry. With one sister being an avid business woman and the other extremely creative, the duo decide to join forces in the efforts to achieve their goals and aspirations by moving from Montreal to New York City. Embarking on this new territory catapulted the Twins career at an impressive rate. Within a year, SACHIKA became a new known to fashionistas statewide, and quickly landed them a spot in New York Fashion Week. Last September, BE Magazine had the pleasure of captioning the progressive minds behind the dynamic design house. This month, we had the pleasure of conversing with To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika.

BEMag: Yes, we were privilege to see and enjoy the “Awakening of the Swan” last September.
Sachika: We really took the time create a journey by our audience with that collection. To us, fashion is a pure form of art and expression and we want to always tell a story with each collection. We are glad that people grasped that and are celebrating our work as well as understood the vision we delivered through our pieces. We were inspired by the movie “Black Swan” and “Runway” by Kanye West.
BEMag: You are also really known for having lots of celebrities support your events, grace your red carpets, and are always in attendance at your runway shows, tell us about your celeb clientele.
Sachika: We’ve been very blessed from the beginning to make friends with celebrities and they have continued to support us. I guess it’s mostly our personalities, “we’re not shy.” We are really good friends with friends Kat Deluna, all the Housewives, Angela & Vanessa Simmons, Millionaire Matchmaker, Nikkia Minaj – whom is the epitome of the SACHIKA woman – very independent and forward thinking.

BEMag: What are some HOT summer trends that you see for this season?
Sachika: There’s so many. We are huge fans of rompers. Women that really want to show off their legs and look classy at the same time can wear rompers. We have even taken it a step further by making rompers that can be worn in the evening. It’s summer time so people should not be afraid to venture into great colors like yellows, orange, ivory, nude, or white. For the girls, choose very flirty and feminine skirts, like the full rounded skirts that are flattering to the body to create the hourglass figure. Also we love to see women in lace and mesh that’s not really to revealing but a hint of this fabric ad an airy feminine feeling.

BEMag: Tell us about what you have coming up in your near future.
Sachika: We are working on so many interesting projects right now.
* We are working on our collection for our 3rd showing at New York Fashion Week this coming September with Style 360. We plan to have another really creative theme, in the hopes to grab the audience and pull them into our vision.
* We have partnered with RECO Jeans to create a line of unisex high-end recycled denim, RECO Jeans by Sachika, which will a include gowns, suits, pants, slacks, cocktail dresses, etc. The line will also be debuting during NYFW.
* At the same time, we are launching our first store in Los Angeles, which will open this July. Our New York City boutique is being renovated to be an amazing shopping experience for our clientele – offering a customized service, where we meet with our clients by appointment only for one-on-one shopping and wardrobe with Champagne and Spa Services. 
* We have designed an amazing Tshirt line labeled TUX for men. These a very well crafted Tshirts that fit the masculine physique very well and we are already getting great responses from our clients. 
* Lastly, we will be on the Premier of our close friend’s new show, “Ice Love Coco.” You get to see another side of us. So we are really excited about that as well.

Please stay tuned and follow us on twitter @SachikaTwins, facebook SACHIKA TWINS and SACHIKA.com to get the updates on the new television projects we’re as well as our blog THEREALTWINSOFNYC.com

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