Bad Girl BEcomes Designer: Elease Donovan

BE MAG: So, Off the heels of Bad Girls Club, Tell us about the transition that happens after the show is done?

Elease:  There is definitely a transition. After being and going through a show like BGC, you do come out feeling like almost you were in JAIL! *laughs. I mean i came back and i wasn’t accustomed to like just being able to get up and go. During the show you have to inform producers of what you wanna do and where you wanna go and get it approved or not. Another thing is i lived alone before the show,  but then to go living with the camera crew there and other people i was a little lonely when i came back and had to re-adjust.

BE MAG:  So after you watched yourself on show, Did you have any regrets? Or was it a valuable learning experience?

Elease: It was a learning experience, especially being from where I’m from. I had never had to experience anything like that with the drama and fighting. I was sleeping with one eye open you know. I learned a lot about myself both good and bad. I wouldn’t say i had any regrets about doing the show but i do regret some of my actions i did. But your in the moment at times and you get caught up in all that and i apologized for my actions .

BE MAG: Can you tell us all about Elease Donovan?

Elease: SURE! Well I’m originally from Kingston, Jamaica, but was raised in Miami, FL. I used to do fashion styling for a minute Of course I’ve went on to do the show (BGC) and from the show i decided i really needed to do something with myself, so i began to work on my business ventures. I always had the idea to do a line and the show is what actually pushed me to do this Swimwear line believe it or not. Because before i was all talk but now it was time to make the moves. So its been really good. I started the line and actually it has done very well and afforded me the chance to now began working on a second line so I’m very excited.

BE MAG: So we have a few questions about your Swimwear line: First one is what type of materials do you like using in your designs?

Elease:  I like to use all types of fabrics , it really depends you know. But i def like things that are fun and out the box. I don’t wanna do stuff you see in all the stores. I want to be creative and be out the box with my line.


BE MAG: OK and the second question is: How involved are you in the process and creation of the Swimwear?

Elease: I’m very involved. I’m actually the only one as far as the creative process. People say they have lines, and all they do is pick and choose what they want. But I’m drawing, picking fabrics, colors, the whole thing! Im very hands-on,  the only thing i don’t do is sew.

BE MAG: Now you also do modeling as well. How did that come about?

Elease: Well my mom was a former beauty queen and she always wanted me to do modeling and stuff. So i tried it out, although I never liked doing pageants though. I did this Ecko clothing model thing and that was the start of everything from there i met a model scout who took my info and worked with me. So that how it got started, It was about 8 years ago.

BE MAG: Are there things about you we would be surprised to know or dont know?

Elease: Im into EVERYTHING. I do not limit myslef one bit. Im a daredevil. I love zip-lining, love to cook. I love Go-Karts too. Im a fun girl you know. Even if i havent tried something im willing to try it at least once. ALot of folks dont know that though. They see me as this girl in dresess and high heels  and think “oh she bougie she would never do that” LOL . But then when they see it they’re like WOW who knew . So that me in a nutshell!

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