BE-compared: Who were ‘BEt Award’s’ Best Dressed BaBEs?

One of the BEst things about the BEt Awards is seeing all of our BEautiful Ladies in Entertainment LOOKING AMAZING!!!! Although, all looked Amazing (pause ‘for forgiveness for that lie) one must be crowned the WINNER of the NIGHT. Time to BE-compared… WHO DO YOU THINK THE BEST DRESSED FEMALE IS?

Beyonce (Singer/Songwriter/Actress)

Mariah C. (Singer)

Kim K. (Entrepreneur)

Nicki Minaj (Rapper)

Monica Brown (Singer)

Brandy (Singer/Actress)

Angela B.

Michelle W.

Tamar Braxton

Lala V.

M.C L.

Lola Monroe

Jessica R. (Gospel Singer/Sundays Best Runner Up)

Tamia (Singer/Song-writer)

Eva (ANTM Winner/Model/ Actress)

ShoutOut to BET Getty images

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