BE Cover Story: Who the F*%$ is London Taylor?


Everyone knows that in this industry where there’s a spark of controversy comes a lot of questions and concerns, which is a story that up & coming R&B crooner London Taylor knows oh too well.


Taylor found himself in the midst of controversy after rumors BEgan to surface that he and longtime friend Hollywood Ex’s Star Nicole Murphy (who was engaged Football/TV’s Michael Strahan) could possibly BE having an affair. The rumors stemmed from Murphy showcasing their friendship in Taylor’s music video “No Panties”.

Everyone also knows that BE Mag is a huge fan of setting the record straight, so we sat down with London Taylor to get the scoop on the Nicole Murphy scandal as well as to see what he has going on with his modeling and music career.

Who Is London Taylor? 
I’m smooth, edgy, attractive, soulful…the list goes on. (laughing). All jokes aside, I believe I’m one of the missing elements in today’s music.  I have no fear! I like to push boundaries and set new standards. I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Houston and now living in Los Angeles.  A city kid with deep southern roots.
Are you currently in a relationship?
No. Music’s always been my first love and number one in my life, it’s difficult to find a girl that’s okay with being number two. I do need to find someone though, Winter is right around the corner and I need a girl to keep me warm. (smiling) 

You’ve created quite the buzz with your “No Panties” music video, how did the Nicole Murphy collaboration come about?
I knew even before shooting the video what I wanted it visually to look like,  A movie. My music and my videos are movies in my head.  So the challenge is always bringing my imagination to life just as I envisioned it. I knew exactly what I wanted my leading lady to look like and it was exactly like Nicole. 

How was it working with Nicole Murphy?
Amazing!! Everything about her is flawless. Nicole is very special to me and our chemistry is electrifying. This was the first music video she’d ever been in and I wanted it be special for her because it was definitely special for me.
The National Enquirer reported that Michael Strahan was upset about Nicole Murphy starring in the video, how do you feel about that?
I don’t usually believe what’s written in  tabloids, so I don’t know whether or not that was true but if it is true, I think that’s hilarious. If I were him I’d be happy that my girl is getting a lot of attention and dudes are wanting her but she all mine! At the end of the day, she’s an actress and this is her job. I never hear stories about Will Smith being upset over Jada or Brad Pitt fighting with Angelina Jolie over a love scene, I guess it takes a strong man not be insecure. 
Your single “Pop Big Bottles” featuring Future is taking the radio world by storm, when can we expect a video?
I just shot the video last Saturday! If I had to describe it in one word, I’d say EPIC! Can’t wait for the world to see it! It definitely won’t be what you’d normally expect from a song like that!
How did the collaboration with Future come about? 
After creating the record I could hear his voice on it, so naturally I reached out to him. We both happened to be in Miami at the same time and so I played him the record and he loved it!
What inspires you as an artist?
Living life and making memories. One cord, and one word at a time. I tell  life stories with my music; I make music with the intention of provoking emotion from my listeners. Whether you hear one of my songs and smile, cry, dance or even make love, my goal is to change your life. My love for Music, Life and God  is what drives me to do what I do.

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