BE Cover’d: Tiffany Evans Graces BE Magazine’s Summer Print Issue

It’s BEen a long time coming for singer/songwriter/actress Tiffany Evans, but as the old saying goes “good things come to those who wait…”; that’s a statement Tiffany may know all too well, but guess what? IT’S HER TIME TO SHINE!!!! Today has BEen coined as #TiffanyTuesdays in anticipation of Tiffany releasing new music & BEcause we’re dropping her upcoming cover for our next print edition, which will BE available later this month.

Here’s Ms. Tiff Evans showing you her YOUNG & SEXY side…To hear Tiffany’s “Hustle Hard” (Little Lady Remix) click [HERE] & follow Tiffany Evans on Twitter @MsTffEvans

Photo by Allen Cooley | MakeUp by LaKesha “Lady Makeup” Quinn | Hair by Tyrice Lee (Trashy Couture) | Styling by Quis Guthrie | Select Clothing provided by La BElla Vie Boutique | Cover Designed by Ashely Stewart

5 Replies to “BE Cover’d: Tiffany Evans Graces BE Magazine’s Summer Print Issue”

  1. Who ever did her teeth didn’t do them right.. veneers are supposed to look somewhat natural.. she cant even close her damn mouth because her teeth are so big

  2. Cvalentine25…are you a dentist or orthodontics? if not shut the hell up. Everyone tries to be a critic especially in shit they have no business critiquing.
    Do us all a favor and keep you negative comments to yourself. I be your teeth are f’d up. 

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