BE Covered: Former Bad Girl Covers SIR Magazine

A former Bad Girl/Danity Kane memBEr s is covering the upcoming LUV DELUXX EDITION of SIR Magazine. She actually looks BEtter than ever on the cover & hopefully is opening up about her plights with Diddy and her former group memBErs from Danity Kane. One can only hope that she’s letting the world know why there are so many unanswered questions about how a multiplatinum selling group could BE so “DAMAGD”.

SIR Mag’s cover artist has dropped a numBEr of uncharted mixtapes since her Bad Boy departure, none of which feature her “Ebony & Ivory” crew memBEr Aubrey O’Day, who seems to BE having some success with her live shows. We wish the cover artist the BEst of luck & hope she pulls it together so she sees the success she’s aiming for. Congrats to Lillie Mae & SIR Magazine on a HOT cover!

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