International Recording Artist Verse Simmonds!

The ever so talented Verse Simmonds is surely setting a brand for himself. Born in Puerto Rico and raise in the Virgin Islands, the young R&B star now resides in Atlanta, GA, where he got his big break. He is currently signed with Akon and is working on his second official mixtape, The Sextape Chronicles 2, which is set to release in June.  “I’m working on my mixtape, which is a follow up to my first mixtape that a lot of people don’t even know about, The Sextape Chronicles 1. I just want to put out good music that everyone can relate to. The Sextape Chronicles 2 is for all the sexy single ladies out there. It’s for all the people who love music. It’s not filled with a lot of features. It’s more a viBE that I create.”

You may know the R&B star from his hit single, “Buy You a Round”. He is definitely climbing to the top and doing what he loves BEst in bringing his CaribBEan style to light!  “Coming from a CaribBEan back ground, I think it really affects my music. When I sing, I think people can definitely hear the differences to it. It comes from the way I was raised. When I create my music, I think that I will always have the Island feel to it.  Over here, it’s called Hip Hop, [but] I call it Island BEat! Music was always in me, since I was a little boy. I knew nothing but music. Music is my love and always my focus.”

Even though Verse is from the Island, he says hip artists are still heavily played in the Islands.  He has love for a lot of stars that’s out today as well as some veterans. “Right now in my iPod you will find Bob Marley. I’m still rocking Bob Marley.  Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. CD he just dropped is pretty dope, and definitely Rick Ross, and of course The Sextape Chronicles 2 is definitely in there.”
Over the next five years, Verse says he still going to BE in the game. “I hope to still BE here dropping my fifth album. I hope to have my own record laBEl and BE putting on new and upcoming talent.  The music industry is so hard, so I want to find new talented people to put them on and get their dreams out there!”

Keep your eye out for Verse Simmonds as he continues to soar high. Follow him on twitter @VerseSimmonds. Check him out on www.facebook/versesimmonds and make sure you check out his website at …you could BE one of those artists he helps reach their dreams.

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