BE Exclusive: Malika Haqq Interview Part II

BEmag: So what are some of your favorite things about Khloe and your friendship?
photo credit BennyHaddad Malika: My favorite thing about Khloe is her heart. I think that so often what people get to see about her is how tough she is. She has a heart for others that is absolutely amazing. Her consideration and the way that she thinks about others before herself, is literally the way people are supposed to be. That is one of my favorite qualities about her. It’s not foreign to me as far as my personality in which may be why she and I have such a great relationship because we’re a lot alike in that way. It’s awesome to look at someone and be proud of the person that she is, the business woman she’s become, the amazing wife that she is. There’s a lot about her that I absolutely love. She’s one of my favorite people on this planet.

BEmag: I know Robert had a crush and was trying to make some things happen. Could you see yourself being your best friend’s sister-in-law?

Malika: Um, no. I think that’s more awkward. That would actually change our relationship I feel like. You know, because at the end of the day, we both know what it’s like to have siblings and that really does take a dynamic from us being able to be each other’s escape and also be like family to be like you’re just family and that’s it. It’s not a terrible thing but there isn’t too much about our relationship that I would change. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything about our relationship that I would change now that I think about it.

BEmag: That is really endearing. So of course we watched that season very closely and we saw you go through somewhat of a turmoil type of relationship, so of course I do want to discuss Mr. Wilson and just kind of see how you feel on that and how it was actually like watching yourself after living through it.

Malika: Let me just be honest, in my life I have had more breakups with girlfriends than I’ve had with men. I think sometimes you don’t get an opportunity to sit and look at what happened in the relationship and actually relive experiences so you know exactly what it felt like being in it and then you know exactly how you look and now being able to look at yourself from the outside. Not only does it make you cringe a little bit and kind of make your stomach turn, it’s also made me a little more proud of myself. I’m able to say, I know that in life I may not have made some of the best choices for myself but I do know that I’m strong enough to live through it, make decisions that are difficult and come out on the other side better. I’m able to sit here today and say not only did I go to the situation, I’m not the first person to go through it and I won’t be the last, but I may be able to save someone else. So my experience is not only a lesson to me but it can also be a lesson to others. It’s not a negative, obviously we all have feelings attached to a lot of things that we go through but in all, I don’t have any feelings towards that situation at all.

BEmag: I definitely think you handled the situation very well, especially with the cameras there. When you deal with matter of the heart, passion is definitely something that’s going to leak through and I think you show cased that very well, how to be passionate in the correct ways.

Malika: Yeah, at the end of the day, it was my story, it was our show. Everybody says there are always two sides to every story. At the end of the day, I think that I won’t ever try to speak on behalf of anyone but he has his path and I have mine. Ultimately he seems to be happy and I’m happy as well.

BEmag: We all know that shooting the finale for a reality show is can either be a good thing or a sad thing. What are you most excited about when it comes to the show or even the finale period. What are you really excited about putting out there to an audience?

Malika: When you come to the close of a show, you realize that all of it was a journey. I think the difference between this and a sitcom is actually us being able to document portions of our lives. I am probably more thrilled to see the beginning, the middle and the end because they’re all chapters. If anything, this may have been one of the hardest chapters of my adult life because there were so many drastic changes.  All of those changes were lived out in front of millions of people, but you know, it’s always a great opportunity. Season 1 was a great opportunity and so was season 2. We really do let people into our lives. We take the good with the bad. At the end, we get a great show out of it. I don’t think I could give you anything bad about it. The finale is always the start of a new beginning. People always ask how does it feel to do reality TV and whatever else. You’re not going to be loved by everyone and I was taught that as a little girl. When you go into this reality thing, I can only just say that I’m so thankful to be received by so many in a positive way. You don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. We’ve been really blessed. People love and hate that the show was 30 minutes long. Stuff like that has been really awesome.

BEmag: Before I do let you go, I have to bring up the movie “ATL”. When people see you in roles or in that movie, do they think that you somehow fit into that type of mold? To me, you’re in a world different then that character which I understand is acting.

Malika: Yeah that’s funny because when the movie first came out, I met a group of girls and they asked me, “Why do I talk like that” and I’m like why do I talk like what? It was amazing to me and it only means I must have done something right. I have to be honest, it took studying. I’m a born and raised Valley girl. That is who I am; it’s true to my heart. I was raised by a teacher. I enunciate and pronounce all of my words. So to go into a character that has to be a little more country and more street can be a little hard. They were more encouraged by ways in things I was not growing up, which was actually really cool because you have to literally step outside of yourself to get these other characters. T.I. actually took us around Atlanta showing us characters that we should basically portray. It was pretty interesting. I remember going to Six Flags and seeing a girl that had about five different colors in her hair, you know? And the crazy thing about it is that I have never seen anything like it even on television. So for them having to embody that and become something, it’s a special experience. You can go from not knowing something to having to learn about another way of being is totally fine because there’s a million people, if not more that grew up that way. That’s the way their lives were and that’s their style. I don’t think I took on the complete Atlanta accent but I damn sure tried.BEmag: I think you did a great job also with Tasha Smith.

Malika: Tasha is just amazing. That’s what I really have to say about her. She embodies whatever character she’s playing and brings it to life.

BEmag: We just adore her and just know the powerhouse of talent that she is. The way that she takes what she does and shares it with the rest of the world through her acting class. It’s just empowering. What would you say would be next for Malika from what you can share of course?

photo credit BennyHaddad

Malika: I make a couple appearances in “Keeping up with the Kardashians 7”, more so of just keeping up with the production side of things. I’ve got a couple things I’m working on. We’re going to just throw them at the wall and see what sticks. I’m no longer saying what I won’t do. I’m getting back to television and I’m hoping to get back to features as well. Reading scripts and stuff like that. So just look forward to working. There’s nothing really particular right now that I can discuss. I’ll be back though.

BEmag: Absolutely and we will be looking for you definitely. Go ahead and let our readers know where they can go to get closer to you. Give us your Twitter, Facebook or any websites you have.

Malika: Well I am on Twitter @ForeverMalika and on Twitter I actually have my Facebook Fan page. So you can find me @ForeverMalika and when I have my website up and running, you’ll find out via Twitter.

BEmag: We definitely appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule for us.

Malika: Thank you so much for having me.

[Photo Credit: Benny Haddad]

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