BE Featured: BEing Funny with Comedian CP

We recently had an interview with Detroit native and funny man Comedian CP. We covered everything from his start in comedy, to something he wishes not to see this new year, and how he feels about President Obama’s re-election.


BE MAG: So CP I’ve seen your videos on tumblr and you’ve been in the game for a minute, but please share your start into comedy with our readers.

CP: Yeah it’s actually kind of crazy cause I’ve been a “TRUE” student to the game of comedy since I was like 9 years old . Ive done all types of things man from stand-up performances to Christmas plays and writing my own sketches. But it wasn’t until i got to high school when i learned and saw the value of my gift man. Comedy can effect you socially you know, and i didn’t know at that time how much it does. I wasn’t in it to be a comedian i just saw that being funny  allowed me access to avenues that most 17 years old wanted to be involved in all the parties and stuff you know and i had alot of friends from it. I was doing a black history play in high school and we were doing a scene about the 4 black girls killed in the church that was bombed and i was cast to play the preacher of the church . I had like 2 days to prepare. So i got money from my mom and went to get my costume and everything. So basically after i got my stuff and saw it, i looked like Jerome from martin man! LOL* The curly hair and big teeth and a wig. I basically stole the whole play and its crazy cause the teacher came up to me afterwards and was like you know this play is suppose to have a serious tone and you made it funny. But at time kids came up to me and was like “Yo that was so funny”. I like how it felt.

BE MAG: Do you feel like with having so many online videos available that it may take away from folks coming out to see your stage show? Or does it do the opposite?

CP: The latter of the two. Stand up comedy for me at times doesn’t be enough you know.  It’s like until i have an hour stand up show special, my jokes and story are so vividly imaginative that i need that outlet to show them in capacity.  To say what i mean without me talking they heads off you know. The online videos allow me to really share my comedy with folks more in depth and lets me show my producer skills as well at the same time.

BE MAG: So for those that don’t do stand up comedy, Tell us that feeling you get right before you hit a stage?

CP: I be feeling juiced man. What’s crazy is I’ve done arenas with like 11 to 12 thousand people. I done did summer jams too. But i don’t care if its 13 or 30 thousand people its that same rush of adrenaline man. You would think its nerves but its not, its like energy kind of like the jitters. My comedy is fresh, its like I know want i wanna say at first but then its kinda like i don’t what I’m gonna say till i hit that stage. I know where i wanna go with it but that about it as far as preparation goes. Its exciting i be waiting to do it, it s a rush! not like a cocaine high * chuckles. I don’t know that type of rush, but its a rush.

BE MAG: What cities show you the most love when you perform?

CP: Detriot of course man. that’s the hometown they always show me lots of love and support man. I like Chicago too, but i get love there cause its a lot of Michigan State alumni as well they get my weirdness. This place called Kalamazoo its like a college town, these folk go CRAZY! i love college towns they do they reseach. they watch everything and learn about me. they even be saying some of my jokes. I love Atlanta too man.


 BE MAG: How are you feeling about the re-election of President Obama?

CP: I’m HYPED! i dont really understand his views or how they changed on certain things. i just like the fact he is BLACK! * chuckles i would have voted for Deebo (friday movies). At the end of the day i gotta be honest i mean i would have voted for Tracy Morgan’s lil son, the little short younger son from that sitcom he had. LOL!

BE MAG: What’s something you saw enough of in 2012 that you don’t want to see in 2013?

CP: Um, I’m sick of… i wanna see the “fly by night” Internet sensations go away. I’m not gonna lie.  Its alot of cats who do comedy off YouTube and i don’t wanna see it anymore.  I want it to go away. It kind of dumbs down the hard workers like myself and the craft of becoming a comedian. i worked hard and studied my craft to get where i am and some people just get there just cause something they made was catchy, but its not authentic at all.

BE MAG: Best advice ever given to you or you have given to someone?

CP: The best advice I have been given came from the lead writer off a show that was on Showtime called “Weeds”. I was in LA and i was trying to break out here like two feb ago. I stayed there for a week. Did some stuff with Big Sean and Spanky Hayes. But this guy told me he was like “go home man”, ” you don’t wanna be out here like this trying to make it like this”.  i didn’t get it quite at first but then it was like If you funny you stand tall from your city and they will see you out here and get at you . It just all made sense man so I’ve learned from that.

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