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Describe growing up in New York and BEing One of Six sisters: I grew up like you said one of six, but we are actually in two sets of generations so to speak: 3 older sisters and then the 3 youngest (which included me). So while I was a teen they were already moved out and in college. It really wasn’t until we got older and of legal age that we really became closer and best friends.

Have you always been into sports as a child?  I’ve always had the athletic influence within my family, we all played some sort of sport or two, my parents believed in being well rounded so along we education they kept us in sports as well.  I started playing basketball and soccer and it wasn’t until we moved to Virginia that i took on track .  There are so many life lessons you learn doing sports and being on a team, learning to work together, and being able to communicate with the people around you, its just some things you aren’t gonna learn in a classroom or from an iPad or technology and i think sports and athletics definitely exposes you to that.

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Talk to our readers about How you feel about your career and all the achievements so far? I can openly and honestly say I’m my biggest critic. I always feel like i can do better than before or last time. So when someone says “Oh Queen you’ve won this or look what you achieved ” I can accept the compliment and recognize myself as doing something great but in my mind I’m thinking “Hmmmm I can do this better or I can jump higher next time” . I’m such a competitor. But I try to maintain and BE balanced as BEst as I can.

How do feel BEing apart of a sport that has produced so many talented female runners like Gail Deavers, Florence Griffith-Joyner, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee? Yes i look up to them all especially an athlete like Flo-Jo.  She was always talented, but also so glamorous as well. I remember seeing her as a child and seeing this women that was running so fast and looked BEautiful and  was getting recognition for it all, I was immediately drawn in. It’s also so funny you mentioned Gail Deavers she actually tweeted me and was like “She knows who i am and sees what i’m doing” i mean to receive that from someone so great as she it was surreal a bit.

What type of concentration and mental focus do you have to have before going into a race? Is there like a routine you prepare? I like to think my training prepares me for the race. I really am such a BIG music fan, so i have music playing before a race. I mean literally until they tell me to take earphones out and get ready I have music going on. It’s something about it that calms me and make me less rigid and nervous before I run. I focus on everything but the track as well which may sound weird, but if I don’t focus on running and the track I tend to do better cause my mind is scrambling and over-thinking my moves.

 Tell us what you do when you have free time or a day off from everything. Definitely going to a Spa! I’m really big on hair and getting my hair done, you know the girly stuff (*laughs). I mean I run with the boys and  so I sweat a lot. So when I get that downtime and get a day off to relax I go to get a pedicure, a massage or sit at home and do my hair different ways. I’m actually thinking about it as a career. I mean in addition to running I would love to venture into Hair Industry as well. I’m thinking maybe like doing a hair care line or opening a salon or something.


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