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Who is Preston Pollard? He is a 23 year old model, television host and skateboarder from Anchorage, Alaska.  Yes we said skateboarder from ALASKA!

He has BEen featured in several national magazines, modeled for clothing company Forever 21, and  served as a host for a television christian program. His biggest goal in life is to motivate and inspire young people to follow and live out their dreams. He BElieves anything is possible to achieve  you just have to work hard and BE persistent. BE Magazine got a moment to talk with Preston about everything from growing up in Alaska, to BEing a youth inspiration, and even who is his favorite designer is.

BE MAG: So First question is, How was it growing up in Alaska?

Preston Pollard: Growing up in Anchorage was fun.  I did a lot of snowboarding and stuff.  when i was young we use to sled and hike mountains a lot as well man. You get see a lot of moose and bears walking around, it was a blast man!, but people don’t think its blacks there that live there  *chuckles, But its quiet a few actually.

BE MAG; What are the initial reaction you get when people hear your a skateboarder from Alaska and your black?

Preston Pollard:Yeah i mean they are kind of taken back a little. Probably because I’m 1)black and 2)I’m from Alaska, and i skateboard so its like they start to dialogue and ask me all these other questions  how do you skate in the winter? LOl I mean in anchorage in the winter its dark most of the day. It gets dark about 2 in the afternoon. But it’s what really gets people asking about me and my upcoming so its cool in a lot of ways.

BE MAG: Did you ever think as a young man doing this , you would get where you are today?

Preston Pollard: No definitely not. At first I started by doing other sports like basketball, but they use to call me “butter fingers” and I wasn’t good.  At any other sports either. LOL I mean I had the height, but I just didn’t have everything else. But then I saw a couple of white kids skateboarding one day and i just went to them and asked if i could try. So that was the start then my dad brought me this cheap board at first called  “Nash”  lol, but i just stuck with it. I got made fun of but i always told them this is gonna be cool one day and everybody gonna be doing it. Then i got sponsored at age 14 ands its been on ever since.

BE MAG: Greatest lesson learned ?

Preston Pollard: Never give up on something you really want man. Work hard and believe in what your doing and what talent is inside you.

BE MAG: OK , We also heard you model? Can you tell us about your style and who is your favorite designer?

Preston Pollard: Yes i did do some modeling and commercial stuff for different companies like Forever 21 and as far as my style i mean i like to wear what makes me look and feel good so that can vary from many different things, also depends on your mood you know. But as far as who is like my favorite designer, I’m really feeling  Christopher Bevan right now

BE MAG: Where Do you see yourself in 5 years?

Preston Pollard: Man hopefully still skateboarding . Being on television and speaking to the youth and mentoring you know. Help getting that message out to the youth that they can be what they want to be in life and they can have goals and dreams and achieve them and feel good you know. It can happen I’m telling you. I hope to travel the world more and see the different cultures and people. I just hope that I am happy and doing what i love.

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