BE In The Know: We Said It, While You Were Thinking It

My name is Kiki Symone the Creator/Producer/Co writer of the show We Said It, While You Were Thinking It, our youtube link is also we are on Facebook we have a fan page if you type in the show on facebook you will see our photos, updates, episodes, and preshows.

We Said It, While You Were Thinking It is copywritten, we came up with  the name it was me and Eric Williams it is A Sketch Comedy Improv Show with young professionals that are naturally funny. My goal was to come up with a Comedy show that will bring attention to an age group 21 to 35. I wanted to change the skits to stories that people can talk about but cant say it out loud. My goal was to keep comedy remembered thats why I chose to put it online for two nights because comedy is a hustle you have to bring more of it so viewers wont get tired. I have a great cast of people that are strong then others with skills like my Co writer Eric Williams we come up with concepts to the cast and we improv the whole way threw. I want to make people laugh and i have a love for film and television. We have a Facebook Fan page to keep everyone updated on Photos, Preshows, and Episodes. Some people love comedy and didnt know that they can go all the way, because i push them to go higher and above or give them examples, I think about In Living Color and Saturday Night Live and I want to be different and I think we are. This show is a package a gift to the public, something different. I call the cast Swag Professionals with Alot of funny, bc I market them with a business mind and a funny sense of humor. I will keep pushing and doing this show. I plan to pitch this show and get more viewers to watch and see that we are funny and we are smart.
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