BE Live: 106 & Park’s Miss Mykie Stamps the Game

Miss Mykel Gray isn’t a big secret anymore! She goes by the name Miss Mykie now & is getting national rock now after BEing selected as one of BEt 106 & Park’s daily co-hosts, catapulting this triple threat singer/rapper/television host into higher heights and a new world of ultimate possibilities.

Miss Mykie was no stranger to the entertainment scene even BEfore landing her 106 & Park gig. She’s BEen working hard to master her craft as an MC on the underground indie scene for quite some time, and also filled in for Rocsi on 106 & Park a few times BEfore winning BET’s national search. Miss Mykie is a bonafide STAR and she’s finally getting the shine that she thoroughly deserves!

BE Magazine had an impromptu meet & greet with Miss Mykie in NYC to get the scoop on her new life. We ran up on her at her hotel & asked her for a sit down; we wanted to provide a very chill laid back interview without all of the glitz and glamour that she’s now BEcome accustomed too thru 106 & Park. It was just BE, Mykie, and out iphone capturing the moment…check it out BElow!

BE Magazine’s EIC J.Write Interviewing Miss Mykie:

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BE Pic'd: Miss Mykie & her 106 & Park Co-Hosts Paigion, Shorty da Prince, & Bow Wow

Miss Mykie was so much fun to sit down with! She has a perky pleasant demeanor who speaks with determination and the whit of a true seasoned emcee. She was not only gracious with her time, she was giving of her energy as she sat and candidly opened up about her life. She was an open book, which makes her perfect for television. We salute you Miss Mykie & hope your spirit continues to resinate with the masses!

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