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SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER TIME! Just graduated from high school; now you’re ready to enjoy the last summer with your friends and family BEfore you start this new chapter in your life. You have all your plans mapped out and lots of graduation money just waiting to BE spent. WAIT! Aren’t you forgetting something? College! All the fun you’ve BEen having throughout the summer could take your mind off of college and the things you will need for college life. Therefore, I took the liBErty of heading to college directly after high school graduation to attend the summer semester at VUU, just so I could BE on top pf my game so I could share all the essentials that you’ll need to have a successful freshman year.

It would BE helpful if you made a college checklist. This checklist may help you prepare for college life, especially as a CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU STRESS YOURSELF test.

Even though you’re in the big leagues now, you may still love stocking up on the coolest back-to-school supplies. Luckily, BEcause you’re older, you no longer need as much of the other things like glue, colored pencils, and so on.

Possible supplies you may need are:
>flash drive
>wireless router
>printer (w/ supplies)
>surge protector power strip
>extension cord
>desk lamp
>stackable desk trays
>mechanical pencils
>pencil holder
>white out

You should always bring a variety of common medicines. You’ll need them at some point. Also BE prepared for the little things like minor cuts and bruises.
>ace bandage
>band aids
>cotton balls
>hydrogen peroxide
>rubbing alcohol
>ice pack/heat pack
>hand sanitizer
>pain reliever
>cold medicine
>cough drops
>allergy medicine
>nail clippers

Dorm room space is at a premium, so clever organization is always key.
>backpack/messenger bag
>laptop sleeve
>weekend travel bag
>message board
>push pins
>hanging organizers
>bed lifts
>under bed boxes
>storage bins
>basic tool kit
>duct tape
>step stool


A comfy bed means good sleep & good sleep means good grades.
> comfy pillows
>2 sets of sheets
>mattress pad
>headrest pillow
>alarm clock
>BEdside lamp/book light
>ear plugs
>sleep mask

You’re no gourmet chef (yet), but you still need to whip up food for thought in an instant.
>coffee/tea mug
>insulated travel mug
>water bottle
>microwave safe bowl
>utility knife
>can/bottle opener
>pot holder
>mini fridge
>microwave *if permitted*
>food storage containers
>chip bag clips
>zip lock bags

The University will do the big jobs, but you’re still responsible for cleaning up their own messes.
>hand vac
>air freshener/room deodorizer
>trash can
>trash bags
>all purpose cleaner
>paper towels
>dish rack
>dish towels
>dish soap
>scrubbing brush
>laundry bag/basket
>laundry detergent
>dryer sheets
>stain remover
>lint brush
>mini ironing board


There are so many little things, you’re likely to forget something. If it’s something that runs out, like soap it might be best to buy it in bulk now so you don’t run out at the worst times.
>3 bath towels
>3 hand towels
>3 wash cloths
>1 beach towel
>shower flip flops
>traveling soap container
>shower caddy/basket
>mesh sponge/loofa
>shower cap
>shower gel/soap
>face soap
>shaving cream/razors
>hair care products
>facial moisturizer
>body lotion
>dental floss
>mouth wash
>curling iron/straightener
>hair dryer


Even the most studious deserve a chill-out session.can use these to make yourself feel more comfortable.
>iPod/mp3 player
>dvd player
>digital camera
>smart phone
>lounge chair
>photos of family & friends
>removable wall tape
>wall decals
>full length mirror
>string lights
>area rug
>door mat
>throw blanket

Freshmen. It will also help you remember all the things you need as you go off to college. College is just like elementary , middle, and high school, you will always need school supplies. Unfortunately, unlike grad schools, college is also like home. Mainly, for the first year college student, you will BE staying on campus. You will BE given a dorm room to stay in. As a result, you will want to make your dorm room feel like home. It would be a great idea to have your ideas mapped out. This can BE done by keeping yourself organized and stress free during your summer.

RememBEr…Create a checklist of what you may need when you are away at college. This list may consist of everything, from school supplies to cleaning supplies. This is YOUR list so make it creative and keep it handy when the time comes for you to leave the nest.

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