7 Replies to “BE Mag QOTD: Did you REALLY think Lebron would get his ring?”

  1. Yes, I knew he was gonna get it. Do I believe he should’ve? NO. But it was for his career. The $80m college grad had yet to lead his team to victory. So this was a ploy to keep him in the game.

  2. On the basis that the Heat has been in this position before, Lebron was fighting every inch of this game and the Thunder is a younger team YES! It was nice seeing Lebron fight naturally without having to get angry but just pure wanting his first ring! On that note go Heat!

  3. I knew that LeBron was gonna get that 1st ring last night.. He deserves it.. He is truly unstoppable right now. King James finally got what he signed up for. #TeamHeat and #Team6 all day!!

  4. Anything is possible, I just didn’t think it was possible THIS year. I had $50 on OKC because I felt KD and Westbrook could easily pull it off because the way they’ve played throughout the season and during the playoffs. Obviously I was wrong but they played their hearts. Everyone did. I just know not to bet on basketball games anymore. haaha

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