If you missed Sky High’s show on homophobia with Morehouse Men and Miss Sophia, BE Magazine, & MORE click BElow. part 2

This was an intense show!  We discussed if the Black church is hypocritical when it comes to homosexuality?  Are gays discriminated against on the Morehouse campus and how do fraternities and sororities deal with homosexuality?  If it’s a private college, why aren’t gays allowed to cross-dress?  Are civil rights and gay rights the same issue? Does the hip hop culture support homophobia. Again, a great show including comedian Bishop Maybach gave us lots of laughs!

Special thanks to Portia for having me & BE Magazine a part of such an important discussion! Sweeping this under the table just won’t cut it…we have our brothers, our sister, and most importantly, our kids to think about even in this topic! Educate yourself & BE the BEst you you can BE (always!!!)!!!!!

BE Pic’d: SKY HIGH’s Host Portia Kirkland & Co-Hosts

BE Pic’d: J.Write & Portia Kirkland

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