BE Magazine Re-cap: Our 1st Cover Artist Muffy

“Yummy-Pop” Artist Muffy has BEen more than a FRIEND to BE Entertained Magazine! She was our first cover artist, performed at our launch party, hosted our First Annual No Wire Hangers! Fashion Show & BEnefit (For AIDS Walk Atlanta), and has granted us a numBEr of one on one exclusive interviews.

It’s BEen a pleasure to see Muff Mommy transition in her career! We’ve sat next to Muffy as she’s secured all-star roles in videos like Cee-Lo’s “Call Me”, and the flashier videos featuring Nelly (we’ll keep that one nameless for now). In fact, back in the day BEfore BE Magazine, I was one of the people Muff played her first song for (she went hard over an early BEyonce track) when we both attended CAU.

While from first look, even a blind person could see that Muffy posses that something different that adoring fans love! She’s extra versatile and can switch it up in Gwen Stephani/Baby Gaga fashion…but with an urban/pop type of feel! She’s simply POP-POP-POPular!

Just as we’ve seen Muffy’s growth, she’s BEen here with BE Entertained Magazine with us our entire ride feeding us the love and support that’s kept us afloat! It’s never mattered whether Muff was on walking in a spot or on stage with the likes of Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Waka Flocka, Bangladesh, or the many of stars that embrace her dope artistry, she’s always given us parallel love, so it was only fitting that we catch up with Muff Mommy for BE.24!

Muff’s acceleration is never ending. What the world loves about her is that she see’s higher heights every time you see her…from fashion to the music. Take a look at our BE.24 catch up with our one and only Yummy Muff Mommy!

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